Role models around | Chen Zhixiu: beginner’s mind illuminates the path

Source: Transferred from: Supreme People’s Court Special note: all works marked “source” or “transferred from” are reproduced from media, copyright belongs to the original author and source.Share content for the author personal point of view, only provide the reference for the readers to learn, do not represent the views for each case number is the ultimate pursuit of Chen Zhixiu, regardless of party’s status, litigation bid size, degree of difficulty the case, she always keep high sense of responsibility, in each case can stand in the perspective of justice, stand in the perspective of the people, stood in the Angle of the parties,Treat every trial link seriously.With silent dedication, persistent and firm efforts, Chen Zhixiu became a business expert in the courtyard, to deal with disputes, she has a set of their own methods.She is good at mediation, putting herself in others’ shoes, and both parties trust her.The cases she handles always convince both parties.The copyright case of 117 shehuo members of Xiamiao Village, Datong County, Qinghai Province against an audio and video publishing house, which involved a large number of people and was easily intensified, attracted much attention from the media. Chen Zhixiu finally mediated the farmers’ copyright case through various efforts, which was rated by the Supreme People’s Court as an excellent case of national intellectual property rights.Nearly 3,000 cases of various types handled by her have been turned into “iron cases” that can stand the test of history.She has been honored as “National Civil Servant satisfied by the People”, “National Model Judge” and “National Advanced Individual in court intellectual Property Work”.In January 2022, he was selected as one of the top Ten Highlights of the People’s Court in 2021.

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