The best combination of women’s volleyball coach: Hui Ruoqi, Lang Ping, CAI Bin as assistant

A lot of media attention to selection of women’s volleyball coach, including media gives a very striking combination, that is by HuiReQi as coach, teaching assistant has guidance. This combination makes everyone feel very surprise, HuiReQi the outstanding member in performance is very good, but she didn’t have coaching experience,However, this is not a big problem for the coaching staff of The Chinese women’s volleyball Team. She can have an old coach to assist her, and CAI Bin, the coach, can also serve as her teaching assistant, which is conducive to improving her competition experience and providing tactical guidance.At the end of the Women’s volleyball competition in Tokyo, Lang ping said in an interview that she hoped more younger coaches would come forward in the future to help the Chinese women’s volleyball team achieve good results.Judging from lang ping’s expectations, she hopes to have a younger coach who can inject vitality into the Chinese women’s volleyball team.Women’s volleyball coach to show his youthful vitality, so many older coaches have been knocked out, and in some media recently said, the team is likely to choose to let HuiReQi the women’s volleyball championship ace spiker to coach, although she has no coaching experience, but her international competition strength and the match performance is very strong,If lang Ping can help her understand the basic situation of women’s volleyball coaching, Hui Ruoqi may show her strong coaching ability, because she used to be the captain of the women’s volleyball team.For the guidance of the women’s volleyball team up and down her ability is very strong, if can get you in the time of after and media attention, it is very important for HuiReQi, now also reports that has the coach will be served as the team’s assistant, so HuiReQi can be in this position of coach lambe, after all, she also has the coach can give him out.Has the coach and HuiReQi is jiangsu both of teacher and pupil, two people’s feelings is very good also, if you can in the next time to get up to speed, and passing experience, HuiReQi perhaps can become a good coach like lang ping, anyhow hope in the coming year, the Chinese women’s volleyball team to have a better progress and growth.

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