What is the TV play with these two characters, Simeng Nan and Su Yang?

Simeng Nan and Su Yang are the two characters of the play “Far Distance”.1. The Distant Distance is a romantic drama about educated youth, starring Zhang Bo and Xu Baihui. The plot mainly tells the tortuous love story between educated youth Su Yang and Zheng Xiangdong spanning 30 years.2. Si Mengnan likes the heroine Su Yang, but because of jealousy, he targets Zheng Xiangdong everywhere.Because of his reason, although Su Yang and Zheng Xiangdong are in love, they are forced to leave however, because of violating the law, division dream south is sentenced finally.Xu Baihui played su Yang is a strong and beautiful female educated youth, she and Zheng Xiangdong love each other, but because of misunderstanding and accident regret missed.She is independent, relying on her own efforts to create a clothing brand, became a well-known local female entrepreneur.”The Distant Distance” this play to educated youth mountain to the countryside as the background, with female inspirational story as the core, through telling zheng Xiangdong and Su Yang emotional story and ups and downs of life course, the true reproduction of the scene, triggered the old generation of nostalgia upsurge.

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