You can jog at home without disturbing people

There’s no denying the benefits of jogging. Go straight to the basics: Search for jogging rhythms on Kooi Music or other music apps and save them for your collection.Wear socks or socks to jog at home. When you run, you only need to lift your legs off the ground gently. This will not only make no noise, but also protect your knees.Jog for an hour at a time to make a difference.Jogging to music is not boring and easy to keep up.Indoor jogging is not limited by the weather and mobile phone data, you can wear your favorite home clothes, very casual.It’s best to run twice a day, once on an empty stomach in the morning and once before going to bed at night.The second jog can last half an hour.It’s nice to go to sleep after a run and soak your feet.The posture of running is like that of race walking, to swing hips, arms also want to swing, stride is very small, about half an hour or so can perspire, although it is slightly perspire, but has achieved the effect of aerobic exercise.Eat a boiled egg and drink a glass of milk (powdered milk can also be used) every day to supplement protein, reduce the intake of staple foods, you will lose weight quickly, healthier.The above method applies to the female who does not go out for a long time.

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