It is no small matter that the owner of the dog murder was detained

A boy was mauled to death by four dogs in Handan, Hebei province.A suspect surnamed Fan (owner of a dog involved in the case) has been detained for failing to apply for relevant certificates according to regulations and has been dealt with by public security authorities in accordance with the law, according to a police notice issued by the Fengfeng mining district public security Bureau on Monday.At present, the case is under further investigation.The death of a child by a dog is heart-rending.Whether it is a pet dog or a farm dog, if the owner of a dog cannot guarantee the safety of the surrounding residents, then the dog is not a dog, but a sharp weapon.Sadly, this is not the first case of a vicious dog attack in the area.As early as May 2018, fengfeng mining linshui town two fourth-grade primary school boys also encountered a vicious dog on the way home from school bite injuries.Why do dog attacks happen again and again?Ultimately, it’s because we tend to blame it on the “dog thing.”As a result, when a tragedy occurs, the owner is unpunished and the cost of defending his rights is too high, leaving the victim with nowhere to speak out and either settling the matter privately or accepting his own misfortune.Under the broken window effect, it is not the evil dog that is pampered, but the “evil owner” who refuses to standardize the dog.On the one hand, there is a lack of supervision when raising a dog.On the other hand, there was a lack of enforcement when things went wrong.”Fierce dog murder incident is detained by criminal punishment”, but is to reiterate a common sense: who raises who is responsible for, the top case must be punished – legally raise dogs, not just talk about it., according to the relevant provisions of the civil code of pet owners in violation of regulations, not for pet related security measures (including but not limited to not vaccinated, walking the dog didn’t tether, etc.), and thus causes damage to others, or pet owners keeping of pets to ban breeding dogs causes damage to others, not for pet owners to reduction or exemption.It is worth saying that, since May 1, 2021, the newly revised animal epidemic prevention law officially began to be implemented, in which article 30 clearly stipulates: carrying dogs out of the house, should be in accordance with the provisions of the dog tags and take dog ropes and other measures to prevent the spread of dog injury, disease.In fact, keeping pets should not only have documents to regulate, but also improve the breeder’s legal literacy.It is obvious that the urgent task of controlling “dog disease” lies not with dogs but with people.Dog’s evil, man’s evil.Standardizing the need to keep a dog depends on the law.Fastening the leash is no small matter!For vicious dog attacks, even if it is limited by the cost of daily supervision, it should be punished on vicious dog attacks and even homicide.In a word, only when people who keep dogs have a reverence for the rule of law can the tragedy of dogs hurting people come to an end.Source:

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