Linyi public a number of overdue inspection, overdue replacement list, please handle as soon as possible

01 for compaction of road traffic accident prevention “big reduction control, effectively prevent and reduce road traffic accidents, ensure the jurisdiction area of road traffic safety situation steadily improved, the linyi city public security bureau traffic police detachment directly under A battalion of the public now A group of A and B type of driving license fails to cb, overdue replacement list, please as soon as the driver certificate inspection and replacement business,Otherwise, the system will automatically cancel the driving qualification.Article 57 A motor vehicle driver shall, within 90 days prior to the expiration of his motor vehicle driving license, apply for replacement of his motor vehicle driving license to the vehicle administration office at the place where the motor vehicle driving license is issued or other than the place where the motor vehicle driving license is issued.1, once the driving license expires, the motor vehicle driver still continues to drive the motor vehicle, then will face a fine or even detention.If there is a traffic accident, the insurance company is likely to refuse to settle the claim for the commercial insurance part.”Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving License” (i.e. Decree No. 139 of the Ministry of Public Security) : drivers holding A and B driving licenses do not need to be examined if they have no scores and accidents within A scoring period.Any driver who is demerit with less than 12 points shall go to the DMV for examination within 30 days after the end of each demerit period.The system will automatically change the status of the driving license to “overdue examination” if it is not checked within the time limit.The system will automatically change the status of driving license to “cancellation recoverable” if the license is not renewed for more than one year.The system will automatically change the status to “Cancel” if the card is not renewed for more than two years.1. According to the relevant provisions of motor vehicle insurance, the driver’s driving license has not been examined according to the provisions, the insurance company does not assume liability for compensation, will not be able to obtain claims.2 once on the road will be investigated according to the “Motor Vehicle driving license application and use provisions” and “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” provisions: overdue do not participate in the examination is still driving a motor vehicle, will be fined more than 200 yuan and less than 500 yuan.Please handle the examination and replacement business as soon as possible. If you still use the illegal driving license that has not been renewed within the prescribed time limit and has not been checked within the prescribed time limit to drive a motor vehicle on the road, the traffic management department of the public security organ will punish you according to law

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