Taizhou Oulong Benz brand new EQB pure electric SUV “Star Wisdom enjoy” installment purchase plan

About “hui” Taizhou Oulong Benz!Buy Mercedes Benz, to Taizhou Oulong Benz 4S shop!We are!There is a car, a good gift, waiting for you to come!# Taizhou Oulong Benz is hot under way!Taizhou Oulong Benz is full of courtesy, surprise, hot to attack ~ a number of special Benz models limited supply, order more to send fine gifts.Enter the store gift: enter the store to send exquisite gifts!Car booking gift: exquisite luxury gift immediately after car purchase!Test drive: to the shop to participate in the test drive, you can participate in the lottery once at present the store provides free second-hand car evaluation, replacement purchase free transfer service!Interest rates are as low as 0.99%, down payments as low as 20%, and loans can last up to 48 months.Business address: zhejiang province taizhou wenling ZeGuo Town three official bridge village (three official bridge logistics park 1-2 layer) the group’s Mercedes taizhou European dragons 4 s shop vehicle resource is rich, the geographical position is superior, the store can try-out driving, you should make an appointment by telephone only can receive many gifts ~ to the shop, car, introduce the ritual, buyers can enjoy premium discount.At present, the store has used car free evaluation, replacement purchase free transfer business!With ultra-low installment rate (3-year interest rate as low as 0.99%, down payment as low as 20%, loan term as long as 48 months), you can own your car immediately.New store anniversary, juhui duo, car purchase can enjoy luqiao airport free shuttle exclusive service!!Welcome to the store experience!The above limited time offer must be registered by telephone reservation, first come, first served, waiting for you to come to the store!The event will run from April 8, 2022 to April 10, 2022

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