5 big diving stars collective farewell, full red chan shoulder double gold responsibility, Chen Ruolin to Chan Bao set rules

Recently, the national diving team is conducting internal test matches, Quan Hong Chan because of an injury in the body can only cheer in the stands, the five major players have no longer for the diving team.Shi Tingmao and Wang Han are women’s springboard double insurance, but both of them are over 30 years old, Shi Tingmao won four gold MEDALS in the Olympic Games is also a success, she will work in the chongqing Sports Bureau in the future may be like Wu Minxia to go on the official career to become offical-level cadres.Wang Han will enter the media field, she will serve as the national team commentator does not rule out entering the entertainment circle, two people have announced formal retirement.Chen Yisen the boys’ team, sheth and two full red chan bodyguard will not be in the national team training, whether they retired is unclear, and difficulty Wang Yangjian old choose retires, the boys’ team is now edge and burden Wang Zongyuan carry, cao lian junjie and Yang Hao home alone, ji-hong zhou to do this is to prepare for 24 years of Paris Olympics.From the diving team to see the men’s team talent will not have talent fault, especially in the women’s team springboard project with Shi Tingmao, Wang Han’s retirement will be short, but the full red chan now and practice springboard will fill the gap, otherwise 24 years Paris Olympic Games we can keep the springboard gold is difficult to say.Now the women’s team with full red chan, Zhang Jiaqi, Chen Taro xi and other three small only headed, in the springboard project not too good athletes, but Zhang Jiaqi now focus on learning is likely to withdraw from the national team, so the women’s team can only rely on full red chan struggling to support, but full red chan is the facade of the Chinese diving team,It is hopeful that she will win the platform and springboard gold MEDALS in the Olympic Games like the predecessor Fu Mingxia.It is full red chan is high hopes she was strict requirements, now the Olympic five crown Chen Ruolin has entered the national team coach and become full red chan manager coach, and Chen Ruolin see full red chan the first word is that you are not a star is my players.Chen Ruolin to the full red chan Xiama Mawei is also hope that the full red chan took over their own clothes to get more gold MEDALS become the most outstanding players in the history of the Chinese diving team, Chen Ruolin participated in Beijing, London, Rio and other three Olympic Games have rich experience, and in how to help the full red chan through the development of Chen Ruolin also have personal experience.Lost in paradise can participated in three games is also because she is very good for the life extension development close to movement, and through the development for the full red chan is harder than she jumped 207 c, Ren Qian is warning over Rio’s Olympic diving singles champion Ren Qian but spent development shut out of Tokyo Olympic Games, because there is no full red chan also won’t get places in Tokyo Olympic Games.Lost in paradise only 29 years old, she and full red chan master though nominally but it is similar to sisters, ji-hong zhou let lost in paradise for full red chan is the right choice, lost in paradise can make full red chan through development, also can extend the life of the whole red chan’s movement can let her take part in the five games, so full red chan can be a gold medal is the most Chinese athletes.Lost in paradise now give full red chan tree rules is also good for her, although the full red chan training can bear didn’t choose but cannot manage his own mouth, full red chan is often eating snacks will let coach operating through the heart, so lost in paradise for full red chan tree rules also right, lost in paradise is full red chan is not a star is my team, I will be strict with her and she grow up together,In this way to let her as I was in a session of the Olympic Games to get single and double gold medal, so there are Strict requirements of Chen Ruolin netizens also full of red chan future good results full of expectations.

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