CCTV exposure!Don’t be fooled again

Recently, like the inside of the front of the video, the textual research about family education guidance division of ads appear in many social networking platforms, some agencies say “family education guidance teacher a full-time income of hundreds of thousands of”, others hit the industry “vacancies millions, winning certificate have the iron rice bowl.”Then these so-called family education instructor “textual research”, really reliable?Not long ago, Xiao Liu in Guangxi province was looking for a new job after job-hopping. After searching for some information online, he received an online article about “family education instructor”.Liu: At the beginning of the introduction, I said that this certificate is very valuable and the future employment prospects are very good, so THEN I believe it.Xiao Liu to reporters to provide this article about the introduction of family education guidance teacher textual research, the title of the article is very eye-catching, said, “pay, have a family education guidance certificate of teacher parents congratulations!”Article plain code marks a price that has the so-called “family education instructor certificate” annual income of up to 150000-500000, at the same time also drying out of the certificate of the sample, at the end of this article also indicated: “no threshold entrance, short time can get certificate, this certificate can be used as holders of post employment, determination of assessment and unit of choose and employ persons is to recruit personnel to recruit the important reference basis.”Xiao Liu in accordance with the article left the registration two-dimensional code to find the past, claiming to be responsible for the registration of people told Xiao Liu, family education instructor belongs to a new career, the earlier the registration is easier to pass the exam.Claim textual research registration organization staff: learning is also very flexible, that is, your mobile phone, computer, tablet can learn at any time and anywhere, a total of 120 classes, to 60 classes can take the exam.We will also give you confidential papers before the exam to ensure that you pass the exam once and for all.Sign up without threshold, protect one-time pass an exam, return ability high salary “golden rice bowl”, really have the good thing that the sky falls a pie?After paying nearly 3,000 yuan for the application, Liu was told to wait for the exam notice. But when he searched for more information about family education instructor online, he found that the valuable certificate claimed by applicants was not a vocational qualification issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, but a training certificate issued by some websites.Xiao Liu: Later I learned that the certificate was mainly a skill training certificate, not a vocational qualification certificate.This skill training certificate and professional qualification certificate of gold content is completely not on the same level, according to (textual research registration personnel) he said to me later, it is not necessary to study, he can give you a senior training certificate.Training certificate is not professional qualification certificate applicants need to distinguish need not study, as long as the signing up to pay money to be able to certify, the words of the sales staff let Liu found cheated, liu and sign up repeated communication, said that he wanted to cancel the signing up, but he found that the contract has been signed to face the difficulties of refund.Some legal scholars pointed out that liu’s experience, some training institutions are suspected of false publicity, induce consumers to sign up.Liu’s case is not unique. According to Beijing Sunshine Consumption Big Data Platform, from July 2021 to February this year, there were 374,632 pieces of public opinion information about family education instructors online, of which 100,929 pieces were negative, accounting for more than a quarter.In the negative public opinion information, false publicity about the certificate of family education instructor accounted for one-fifth.Some legal scholars said that currently the country has not set up professional qualifications for family education instructors access, and exaggerated propaganda of the role of family education instructors certificate has been suspected of illegal.Yuan Ningning, associate professor at China University of Political Science and Law: China has not established a unified professional qualification system for family education instructors.From the current point of view, all the training on the market is a kind of skill training, you have obtained the corresponding skills does not mean that you have the qualification to be engaged in family education guidance.The certificate obtained, it is a skill training certificate, it is not a professional qualification access certificate, the two are not the same, it is having essential difference.In the investigation, the reporter found that at present, a large number of advertisements and advertorials related to family education instructors on the network, behind which are different standards and different websites in charge of the organization of examinations and certification, issued by the certificate style is also varied.To this, the reporter undertakes understanding to the website of a few license issuing respectively.Reporter login the group issued guidance for family education division website, found that in January this year, China country enterprise personnel talents issued the statement on “guidance for family education” training “, a clear “guidance for family education” was not included in the national occupational classification ceremony, the website related training as part of the professional technical skills training (professional),Training that does not fall under the category of vocational qualification or skill evaluation.Chen Yinjiang, Deputy Secretary General of the Consumer Rights and Interests Protection Research Institute of China Law Society:Also required in the advertisement law, advertising can not have this kind of inside (commitment), guarantee to provide you with what certificate, including your diploma (commitment), as long as to attend training can package, also can YaTi, will soon get the certificate, such as propaganda, our advertisement law also stipulates clearly is not possible.Released in March, China’s national enterprise “about” family education guidance teacher training program’s solemn declaration, according to a recent found some institutions on the society in the name of “national enterprise in China” on the recruitment of students propaganda, and publicity can be issued “China’s national enterprise family education instructor certificate”, the “family education guidance teacher training programs have full stop recruit students to sign up.Yuan Ningning, associate professor at China University of Political Science and Law, said law enforcement should be strengthened regarding the excessive, false, exaggerated and misleading publicity by family education guidance services.Today is “3 · 15” International Consumer Rights Protection Day some words can not help but have to say!On March 15, international Consumer Rights Day, we must say no to any infringement of consumer rights

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