I cheated on you for ten years. Why aren’t you mad?Wife: Because I don’t love you

Original article by Ding Wanwan, declined to be reproduced.Pictures/all from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.Have you ever seen a man cheat for ten years and his wife leave him alone?Reader Wang Tao did, and he was the most depressed husband in the whole affair.Wang Tao cheated not because he didn’t love his wife, nor how much he liked his lover, but because he was in a bad environment and there were many cheating men around him.This delicious food, eat too much will be tired, no matter how good a wife, stay under the same roof for a long time will be boring.Coupled with a little pride as a man, vanity, he also cheated on his wife to become a member of the army.Wang tao’s first infidelity occurred in the third year of their marriage, when his wife had just given birth and was obsessed with the baby.The baby was hard to take care of and cried all night long. Wang Tao felt tired and moved to sleep on his side.After staying up late for a long time and having no time to take care of herself, the wife soon became one of the old ladies with yellow face.Looking at her untidy hair and the milk stains on her dress, Wang Tao had warned her, but she just smiled wearily and did not speak.A man is a visual animal. If his wife is not pleasing to the eye at home, he will turn to the outside.Then he got together with a woman he met at work.After a year and a half of sneaking around together, his wife discovered his hidden secret.In the face of his infidelity and betrayal, his wife cried and made, and even once wanted to take their children to commit suicide.Wang Tao was frightened, and he and his lover also came to the fatigue period, so he broke up with his lover and returned to his family.The betrayal seems to have made his wife aware of her problems, and she began taking time off to take care of herself once the children went to kindergarten.Under her strict self-discipline, she not only restored her figure to the state before marriage, but also added a kind of unmarried women do not have a gentle and charming face, the kind of indefinable, unexplained femininity, let him very fascinated.At that time, he did get over it, and he really wanted to spend time with his wife and kids.But the man derailed only zero times and countless times of the points, after an occasional quarrel, he began to hate their marriage, began to yearn for the kind of unfettered feelings outside marriage.By chance, he cheated on him again, with a female colleague in his own company.He thought he had the experience, thought he was well hidden, but slowly, can find that his wife has a similar guard against him, even no longer as before to tell him in detail.When he cheated with his female colleague for half a year, his wife accidentally discovered his secret, but she didn’t say anything, didn’t ask anything, but lightly returned his mobile phone to him.He thought it was the calm before the storm, but he waited many days, and still his wife did not have an attack.He thought that his wife acquiesced in his relationship with that woman, and began to recklessly associate with that woman outside, while trying to play a good role as a husband at home.Ten years have passed, and Wang Tao has been with the woman out of marriage for ten years.For ten years, his wife did not ask him about anything with that woman, even if the lover could not bear the loneliness of provocation, his wife is also ignored, what to do.One day, Wang Tao could not hold back any more. He was watching his wife’s face and telling her about his affair with his sweetheart. However, his wife remained as calm as water, without any disturbance.”You really don’t mind that I’ve been with her for ten years and I bought her a house?”The wife said: “I have what good mind, you with her ten years together, bought a house, now the price rises, is equal to the family to earn a suite, I regard you as a tool to make money.Oh, by the way, all your financial dealings with her, especially the large ones, I know about, I have proof of, and you get her to move out of the house at some point, and you give me every penny you’ve spent over the years.If she can’t remember, I can provide her with a bill, but if she doesn’t, she’ll have to wait for the court ticket and the court to enforce it.””What’s more, in order to appease me over the years, you have put most of the family savings in my name and my children’s name, and I, because I don’t have to care about you, have more time to improve myself, run my own business, and enjoy my own life.Whether you love me or not has nothing to do with me, and whether you love her or not has nothing to do with me.All I know is that NOW I don’t love you at all. I will divorce you when my child goes to college.If she’ll be willing to marry you when the time comes, I have no objection at all. ‘Hearing his wife’s words, Wang Tao was stunned.He had not expected that his wife, who had fought so hard for ten years, would be so calm and resourceful.She is not careless, just to his dead heart, and early began to make plans for their own future.The tone of his wife does not seem to be a joke, so Wang tao has to have a showdown with his lover. When he learns that the house he bought for ten years of his youth does not belong to him, and the money he spent may be returned, wang Tao cries out that he is a liar.Before Wang Tao’s wife sued, the lover revealed wang Tao’s affair because of psychological imbalance, making the city full of wind and rain.In the face of their partner’s infidelity, some will choose to endure, some will choose to make a prompt decision, and some will seize the time to improve themselves like Wang Tao’s wife. When men become more and more passive with their lovers, their retribution will come.Today’s discussion: When you find out your partner is cheating on you, do you prepare in silence and go against the wind, or do you flip out on the spot and go back to your old ways?Leave your choice in the comments section.Special declaration: wang Tao is an alias, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.

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