In Suzhou, 4 new cases are reported. Please do not leave unless necessary

Suzhou will strengthen social control and cancel all public gatherings as four new cases are reported in the city.The worst news came unexpectedly!Just now, suzhou regulatory authorities released new measures to prevent and control the epidemic. According to the announcement, suzhou reported 4 new infections last night, and suzhou will enter a period of strong supervision on the prevention and control of the epidemic.It is reported that in the evening of February 13, among the patients who visited the fever clinic and those who were willing to be fully tested, 4 people tested positive for nucleic acid and the initial screening.This also means that yesterday evening’s anecdotal is not groundless!Suzhou yesterday evening block block community specific to see this announcement!Suzhou will comprehensively strengthen social meeting control and cancel all kinds of public gathering activities in the city.Cinemas, chess and card rooms, Internet cafes, KTV, game halls, bars and other closed places will be temporarily closed.Citizens consciously do not go out, visit, gather or gather, and wear masks in a standardized manner.The casino will encounter strong supervision in the future, I hope you actively cooperate, do not take any chances!In addition, the city’s primary and secondary schools, kindergartens suspended the opening of offline training institutions will be suspended, the majority of teachers and students will have to be passive for winter holiday postponement.Other measures include: online and offline pharmacies completely suspended the sale of “antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral and antibiotic” epidemic monitoring drugs;We will comprehensively strengthen control of public transport, and strictly measure temperature and code check on rail transport, taxis and buses, and standardize the wearing of masks.In case of fever, cough and other symptoms, do not take public transportation and go to the nearest fever clinic without taking personal protection.Finally, this is also the regulatory authorities hope that we will actively cooperate, that is, please do not leave Suzhou if it is not necessary, reduce travel as far as possible, advocate those who have conditions to work at home, take the initiative to cooperate with units, community containment management measures, strengthen self-protection.Considering that the industrial park has required all staff to take nucleic acid tests, therefore, the epidemic is threatening, please actively cooperate with the regulatory authorities!I believe that with our efforts, we will be able to defeat the virus as soon as possible and bring suzhou citizens a quiet and peaceful Year of the Tiger!

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