M5 did not come to M7 again, carrying Huawei Hongmeng cockpit, AITO brand new SUV spy photo exposure!

A few days ago, on the network a group of suspected AITO car in a new large SUV model of the road test spy.According to the current information, the new car is the second model of AITO, a new brand jointly created by Huawei and Cyrus. Earlier, it was officially announced that the new car will be launched in 2022, and its name may be “Wenjie M7”.From the photos exposed so far, the car is also wearing heavy camouflage.But from the details of the vehicle exposure, the front face of the vehicle is still used and ask the same family style of the front intake grille M5, the overall outline of the new car version of cash ask the M5 is more robust.On the side of the vehicle, the new WENjie M7 is equipped with three large side Windows, which are also bigger than the M5 in overall size.In addition, as an extended range electric vehicle, its fast charging port and slow charging port are integrated into the same side, located behind the driver side, while the co-driver side is the fuel filling port.To the rear of the car, the new car is also the use of the popular throughout the taillight, the difference is a pair of M7 lamp group and ask the boundary M5 or some differences.In terms of configuration, it is certain that a full set of Huawei Hongmeng intelligent cockpit is essential.In terms of power, the M7 is expected to adopt the same powertrain as the M5, namely a power combination of a 1.5T four-cylinder engine and driving motor, and the vehicle’s battery pack capacity will also be improved. The comprehensive range of the M7 is expected to exceed 1000km.It is reported that in 2022 AITO, in addition to this new medium and large SUV, there is also a pure electric model of wenjie M5 that has been released.Under the trend of new energy, it is a trend to launch pure electric models, which is also a solution to the problem that extended range electric vehicles cannot get green plates in the future.

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