May sonorous roses get better and better!Shandong and China will win the Asian Women’s Cup

Qilu net · Lightning news February 7 – China overcame South Korea 3-2 to win the Asian Women’s Football Championship on February 6 night.Zhang Rui and Li Ying, two players from Shandong Women’s Football team, went to the Asian Cup held in India with the national team. They said in an interview with shandong TV Sports channel, “It’s my honor to represent Shandong Women’s football team to participate in the Asian Cup. I hope the Chinese women’s football team will get better and better, and I hope the spirit of women’s football will continue!”Zhang Rui, Li Ying and Yuan Cong have been selected by shandong women’s Football team for the Asian Women’s Cup in India.In the Asian Cup, China women’s football team went through all the way and finally met South Korea in the final.Chinese women’s football team won the Asian Women’s Cup for the first time in 16 years with a 3-2 victory after trailing by two goals in the first half.In the final, veteran Zhang Rui from Shandong Women’s football team performed very well. As the core of the midfield of The Chinese women’s football team, although she did not score directly, her steady midfield ensured that the Chinese women’s football team could attack and defend.Zhang rui has come on as a substitute in several key matches at the Asian Cup, including the semifinal against Japan, where she defied pressure to be the second player in the shootout and hit the penalty kick while her teammates missed the first.Another Shandong player, Li Ying, came on in the 110th minute of extra time in the semi-final against Japan, where she used her speed and physical strength to make a big impact on the Japanese defence.After winning the championship, Zhang Rui and Li Ying had an exclusive interview with the reporter of Shandong TV Sports channel. They said, “It’s a great honor to represent Shandong Women’s football team to participate in the Asian Cup. After 16 years, we won the championship again.Happy New Year to you all!”Shandong TV sports channel reporter Mou Xiaofeng Zhang Wei

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