My nephew went to my uncle’s house. My uncle didn’t put a gift in the door at home

Recently, an amazing thing happened in Shangqiu, Henan Province.Two nephews went to uncle home to visit relatives, there to see uncle home locked, two people watch the door gap thinking can not come in vain, leave the gift!The two “hardcore” stuffed gifts.The two nephews saw the big uncle locked the door, and did not want to come in vain, the gift did not want to take back and forth, they pushed the door hard, so that the door gap is bigger, the other one put the gift to the door gap, plug into the box and then stomp down a little plug again, in the end also stuffed in!The way is always more than difficult, these two nephews are not bad to uncle, uncle is not at home just put the gift into the home, this is close nephews, not close zha also did not so really send gifts.Still don’t want New Year’s money, affirmation uncle is not thin to them!Some nephews are very scheming, in order to want New Year’s money uncle may not at home and mention back, another day to go again, not only can get New Year’s money can also mix meal, delicious drink let uncle to entertain for sure is very beautiful in the mind!This is not glory, this is the nephew and uncle like to make trouble, always want to let uncle “out of some blood” to be reconciled!Nephew to uncle, uncle is not at home can call uncle to tell the gift to the neighbor, or wait for uncle, perhaps not for a long time to come back, nephew to uncle string should explain in advance which day to go, uncle should not be long time to come back!Or another day to go is the same!My nephews don’t want to wait!So the uncle’s door crack more and more bigger, that uncle to recruit thieves, should not get the door crack more and more bigger, so not safe!Like the door of the countryside, or a lot of it is to have a door crack, it is a lock to lock the door!Some thieves can hook things out from the crack in the door, and even some thieves can squeeze into the crack of the door into the home to steal, the loss can be big!Like two nephews make uncle’s door bigger and bigger is not good, maybe uncle saw nephews put in the gift made big door, himself will mend it!

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