Pylori helicobacter infection rate is large, how to avoid being infected?

Pylorus helicobacter is on mensal slight carelessly be infected can, why infection is so strong?Recently, the United States Department of Health and Human Services issued a phase 15 carcinogenic cleaning, but helicobacter pylori is listed as a clear carcinogen, helicobacter pylori infected nearly 60% of the people in China, if not the correct method, after infection through eating together and secretions can infect a second person,Helicobacter pylori is responsible for more than 70 percent of stomach cancers.It can also be said that without H. pylori, most people would not have stomach disease or even stomach cancer.According to the 2017 “The fifth National Helicobacter pylori infection Treatment consensus report” shows that the rate of helicobacter pylori infection in China is as high as 50% on average, but with the growth of age, the incidence is also gradually rising.Pylori helicobacter pylori infection after what symptoms?After infection, some people have symptoms. If people are infected with Helicobacter pylori, there are no obvious symptoms, some abdominal discomfort, pain, nausea, bad smell in the mouth, hunger, heartburn, acid reflux, etc., because of different circumstances, the stomach degree is not the same, the symptoms are very different.How to avoid h. pylori infection?One, wash hands frequently, helicobacter pylori through human contact and then go to eat is easy to infection, so after shaking hands with people to wash their hands frequently.Two, gargle good protection, maintain oral hygiene, helicobacter pylori is the first oral transmission.Three, food hygiene must be clean, helicobacter pylori can also hear the fecal way to spread, such as the use of human feces after watering vegetables to pick vegetables from the geographical if not clean will also be infected.Four, nutrition collocation mainly vegetables and fruits, high-quality protein matching is suitable, mainly light, less oil and salt food.Five, the home refrigerator, washing machine to regular cleaning, refrigerator is put in the food, in which some peculiar smell, some of the unclassified food ferment inside, also breeds bacteria and aflatoxin, ate also can cause illness, washing machine underwear garment jacket pants had better be washed apart, washing to immediately clean up the washing machine, so as to avoid breeding ground for bacteria.Clothes should be stored in the refrigerator and cleaned separately in batches. Infected patients can be examined by saliva secretion test, blood test and gastroscopy, but heart-burn, acid reflux, bad smell in the mouth, hunger and other symptoms need to go to the hospital for relevant examination.During the New Year, especially some unfinished food and vegetables, most of which are disorderly stacking and super time preservation, food fermentation and some messy taste are environmental space factors for the breeding of bacteria, should be separated and plastic wrap isolation.

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