The officer system ushered in changes, graduates “rank classification” is different, cadets understand in advance

Many boys and girls have the idea of joining the army when they are influenced by movies and TV dramas or soldiers’ real deeds. Many students want to realize their dreams faster by applying for the military academy during the college entrance examination.However, it is very difficult to apply for the military academy, not only need to have excellent grades, physical conditions and other factors are also considered, recently ushered in some new changes in the officer system, which also means that the military academy graduates, also have new changes, preparing to apply for the military academy and will graduate from the military academy college students, need to know in advance.Officers system in change of graduates “rank grading” different, cadets understand everyone know in advance once admitted to military school, not only means that you can receive the good training, also means that can enjoy a series of preferential policies, cadets are different from other college students, after the entrance is known as army officers, will have their own ranks after graduate,He was officially an officer.Now the officer system has undergone new changes. In order to encourage more officers to stay in the army and continue to improve their capabilities, the original age limit and the retirement age have been appropriately optimized.At the same time, for officers below senior colonel, the promotion speed has been delayed, and the promotion difficulty has been increased, so that junior and mid-level officers can take their positions.I will improve my ability and accumulate more experience.It also extended the maximum age of service for officers below senior colonel, so that those officers could settle down to serve.And military college students are closely related to the graduation of the rank grading problem, undergraduate graduates will be awarded the rank of “second lieutenant”, treatment level in 18, there are many students choose to read graduate school, after graduation the rank will be upgraded to lieutenant, treatment level will also rise to 17.If you’re a better student, you can get a PhD, and then you’re a captain, and you get paid at level 15, and at any point, an advanced degree is an advantage.How long do military graduates have to serve in the army?For some candidates and parents will register for the military academy, after graduation, will serve in the army how long to retire, but also their most concerned about the problem, generally speaking, need more than 8 years, to 8 years later to have the qualification to transfer.If you need to leave the army in advance for some special reasons, you can also apply for demobilization. But for many people who join the army, demobilization is not very honorable and will get certain disciplinary punishment, so don’t apply for demobilization unless it is absolutely necessary.As the country attaches more importance to military development and changes in the regulations on military ranks, different ranks of officers will also adjust their terms of service. The next eight years will also be the bottom line, and the maximum length of service will be extended to some extent.Many students maintain a disciplined life in high school, but in college, away from the supervision of teachers and parents, they gradually let go and leave their studies behind.When they arrive at the university, they still need to keep self-discipline and abide by the strict management system. This way of life and learning is conducive to the formation of good habits. Once good habits are formed, it is easy to succeed in everything they do in the future, which is why so many students are willing to choose military schools.At the same time, the military academy does not need to pay extra tuition and accommodation fees, for some of the family economic status of ordinary students, such preferential policy, no doubt, some students with outstanding academic performance, there is a chance to receive scholarships and subsidies.In the process of learning in the military academy, there will be daily physical training, not only to help students develop a healthy body, but also to temper the will of students, increase the ability to resist pressure, and can easily overcome difficulties in the future.The military academy not only requires excellent grades, there are requirements in many aspects, candidates want to register for the military academy need to understand in advance, to avoid losing the opportunity because of a certain non-compliance.It is to have a requirement on age above all, cannot exceed 20 one full year of life, a few go to school more late or had had the examinee of grade circumstance, be afraid to be about to lose enter oneself for an examination endowment.At the same time, only fresh students are accepted for examination, which means that the second time students have no chance to apply for the military academy.In political examination and physical conditions should also meet the requirements, the particularity of the military academy, for examinees in height and vision have requirements, myopic examinees can consider doing myopia surgery, height does not meet the standards of examinees, will miss the military academy.Political review a lot of people are not strange, the family and the examinee himself, all need to have a clean background, had violated the law and discipline behavior, certainly can’t pass.To be admitted to the military academy is not so easy, not only need to study hard, but also need to meet the requirements in many aspects, some places are out of the examinee’s control, so the entrance to the military academy not only need good grades, but also some luck.If the candidates who want to enter the military academy meet the requirements in these aspects, they can prepare well in advance. Besides daily study, they should also exercise and improve their comprehensive strength.If students cannot realize their dream of being a soldier by entering a military academy, they can also choose to join the army when they are in college.Today’s discussion: What do you think of the new changes in the officer system?

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