Weifang village gets rich by planting green radishes

Weifang News reporter Liu Jianyong Sun Xue Dong Jianhui is located in Shouguang City Luocheng street Fuqiao village, weifang is one of the main producing areas of green radish.The “floating bridge radish” planted here is a representative of Weifang. In 2010, “Floating bridge radish” became a national geographical indication product.It is understood that “floating bridge radish” has more than 200 years of planting history, after long-term selection and purification rejuvenation, on the basis of green radish breeding for local soil and water strains, developed into the present “floating bridge radish”.Superior geographical location to cultivate high-quality radish, drive the whole village to become rich February 16 afternoon, the reporter came to the Village of Floating bridge, see the greenhouses in the radish just grow new seedlings.Reporters found here radish not only in the winter market, spring is not absent.Floating bridge village villagers said: “our village of radish a year two stubble, spring stubble, autumn stubble, now the radish has just emerged, a radish greenhouse covers an area of 3 mu, kind of radish quality is good, the price is high, mu yield of about 10 thousand jin, a year down a greenhouse income of about 50 thousand yuan.”It is reported that the floating bridge village outside the village of 3000 mu of land circulation, those are radish base, in 2008, floating bridge village set up fumin professional cooperative, to ensure the scale and quality of radish planting, the realization of radish industry leapfrog development.Floating bridge radish mainly has two varieties: fruit green radish and rock sugar heart radish.The two kinds of radish taste fresh and crisp, sweet and spicy refreshing, each has its own flavor.”We used to eat them raw and with tea we had radishes.Or finely shredded, with sugar, for wine.””Said Song Meiying of Fuqiao Village.When it comes to the way to eat radish, some villagers think that raw radish is the best, with a crisp and refreshing taste.Stewed ribs and braised meat are fat but not greasy, but also with the scent of radish, radish has absorbed the tender gravy, no spicy taste.Maybe everyone has eaten fruit green radish, but the rock sugar radish here is still a very rare variety.The rock sugar radish is a variety carefully selected by the villagers of Fuqiao. It is round in shape, with purple skin and 18% sugar content. As the Internet celebrity of radish field this year, its taste is praised by everyone.Speaking of planting rock sugar radish, Fu Yumin, head of the rich professional cooperative, said: “Over the years, floating bridge radish by the majority of the public love, but in order to be able to occupy the market for a long time, enrich the citizens’ basket, on the basis of planting local radish, introduced by people began to plant rock sugar radish heart.”The reporter learned that in the process of the mature listing of the rock sugar radish, Fu Yumin led the members of the cooperative after five or six years of research and exploration, accumulation of experience, in 2019 finally tried to successfully planted, planted out of the rock sugar radish water enough, crisp, single fruit weight between 400 grams -600 grams, loved by consumers.Fu Liangxin, party secretary of Fuqiao Village, said: “The radishes in the past two years were ordered in advance by regular customers before they were even on the market, and the selling price was very high.Before varieties of radish sold about 1.5 yuan per catty, now eight rock sugar heart radish sold to 80 yuan, 10 yuan a, and customers are attracted by the name, directly to the ground to order radish.”Fu Liangxin said the pontoon bridge village for many years by kinds of radish wade out of a rich way, today’s popular “floating bridge radish”, using electricity, trill platform would pontoon radish sold in shenzhen, guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing and all over the country, this year also signed the dark longjiang big clients, our “floating bridge radish” brand into the country.

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