Winter and spring fire prone, learn to stay away from the “small fire dead”!

Winter and spring alternating residents with fire, electricity, gas consumption increased many families are still using heating equipment slightly do not pay attention to easily cause fire accidents winter fire blanket go out by courage, get up by perseverance, the cold winter has not passed!You can warm my heart but not my bed, so turn on the electric blanket.Blue friend clew: electric blanket often folds use, easy make electric wire is broken, bring about electric wire short circuit, cause fire.Don’t buy anything that hasn’t been tested.Turn off the power before falling asleep.Avoid folding and pleating, strictly prohibit washing, self-disassembly and repair.The heater of winter fire prevention day one cold, “small sun” wait for heating equipment to be used by more and more ground, but little imagine heating equipment is used unjustly, can cause fire, very dangerous.Blue friend tip: the small sun can not put anything, especially clothes and so on, otherwise it will cause a fire.Use the three-hole plug with ground wire, forbid to put things on the body, keep away from combustible when using, forbid to use small sun in the bathroom.Winter fire prevention bed smoking lying in bed wrapped in a quilt, playing mobile phone what, it is not too comfortable, but so smoking, it is too dangerous.Blue friend tip: if not careful will not put out cigarette butts fall down, it is easy to ignite clothes, bedding, life-threatening safety.Winter fire civilization sacrifice some citizens, have the habit of burning paper money, but there are great security risks in burning paper money in the public corridor, not extinguished Mars, easy to cause a fire……Blue friend tip: safe worship ancestors, changing customs, we advocate network worship, flowers worship, tree planting worship and other civilized worship activities, to offer a bouquet of flowers, a glass of wine, planting a tree, cleaning tombstones and other ways to express grief.Winter fire battery overcharge dry things dry, people frequently and long time to use electrical appliances, often ignore the fire hazards, more than half of the electrical fire.It usually happens during charging at night.Blue friends tip: whether it is electric cars, mobile phone batteries, or charging treasure, the most taboo is overcharging, overcharging will make the battery heat, bulge and even lead to battery explosion.First, all units should strictly implement the responsibility system of fire control safety, strengthen on-duty inspection, eliminate fire hazards in time, and ensure fire control safety.2. When shopping malls and markets hold festival activities, the site Settings and electrical equipment shall meet the requirements of fire safety regulations and be equipped with sufficient fire fighting equipment;Fire control room on duty personnel to hold a certificate, to be on duty, micro fire station personnel and security personnel to implement the on-duty inspection system, timely eliminate fire hazards.Three, in life to the correct use of electrical equipment, not private pull disorderly wiring and socket, not overload electricity, timely replacement of aging equipment and lines, to turn off the power switch when going out.Iv. Electric bicycles should not be parked in building foyers, evacuation stairs, walkways and safety exits;Do not charge or park in residential buildings, charging should be far away from combustible materials, charging time should not be overnight.V. It is strictly forbidden to carry inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into public places;Smoking and open flame are strictly prohibited in places with fire and explosion danger.Vi. When playing in the scenic spot, you should abide by the fire protection regulations of the scenic spot. Do not smoke or throw cigarette butts.Enter the scenic area, do not carry lighters, gasoline and other flammable and explosive items, do not play with fire or make a fire picnic, to prevent flying fire caused by fire.7. When entering shopping malls, markets and other crowded places, you should be familiar with the location of the safety exit and evacuation channel, and pay attention to the location and use of fire extinguishers, smoke masks and other equipment.In case of a fire to escape quickly, do not covet money, not to return to the fire to take property.Eight, winter heating, do not bake clothes on the electric heater, electric heater and combustible to keep a safe distance.Teach children not to play with fire. Lighters and matches should be placed out of reach of children at home.X. In case of fire, please dial 119 to report to the police in time;

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