A brilliant narrator, with the subtlety and depth of a human being

In Zhu Hui’s stories, there is always an opposite, perhaps the relationship between the sexes or the partner or the enemy, but this undoubtedly represents a kind of opposition or offense and defense.The habit of naming two-syllable words suggests something of the same writing habit.The observation and prying of the opposite sex world, the pursuit and disillusionment of the light source are all the themes mentioned in Zhu Hui’s novels.Shen Mingxiu points out in his academic work “Refined and Popular Culture of Qing and Qing Dynasties” that the two characteristics of the novel are depicting human affairs on the basis of reality and the content of the novel reflects the life of ordinary people.Generally speaking, the novel of the world is a novel that describes the social conditions and human feelings in social life and the joys and sorrows in interpersonal communication.”If we want to sort out a pedigree of Zhu Hui’s novels, ‘love stories’ should be more appropriate,” critic He Ping wrote.Twenty years ago, When he Zhiyun talked about Zhu Hui’s novels, he said that he was “particularly sensitive not to gold, iron and horses, but to the common people”.Now, this judgment was not only accurate at that time, but twenty years later, zhu Hui’s novels are still sensitive to ‘the common people’.”If the bottom perspective is a kind of fireworks, then the world romance novel is more of a sense of stickiness, a southern plum rainy season stickiness.In “Blade of Wandering”, Ye Shuanghong’s love is mostly utilitarian, and she forms an attachment or utilization relationship with men.”Ye Shuanghong has seen too many nerds, and these people hardly make a living.”The word “well served” contains a value judgment.In the process of choosing a mate, Ye Shuanghong has the subconscious of a hunter, but unexpectedly, she ignores that she is also the prey of others.Therefore, the word “dao” has a strong metaphorical meaning.”A knife, a cold willow knife.The knife moves in a branch of a tree.”The author deliberately combines knife and sex in everything, revealing the subconscious and fear beneath the surface of Ye Shuanghong’s behavior.The end of the novel reflects Ye Shuanghong’s coolness by borrowing from The Legend of The First Scene: “Ye Shuanghong saw amusement and snapped the book shut.A woman who stains her knife with another’s blood, no matter if it is someone else’s or her own, is only considered a ‘woman’.”Ye Shuanghong sneers at CAI Kun’s weakness in sexual relations and attitude of characters in the book, but in the process of narration, readers understand ye Shuanghong’s own tragedy, she has really become a knife, a cold knife.The zero characters represented by the hero of Sinking have distinct characteristics.As a poor intellectual youth, he endured the agony of sex and love, and was often out of tune with his surroundings.He is kind and sincere in nature, sensitive and delicate in mind, fragile in personality, paranoid, melancholy and depressed, and his mood often fluctuates greatly, showing a “nervous” state.Both Ma Ke and Ma Jun have their own pursuit and disillusionment.The former is an idle painter, the latter a depressed editor.Love is the place to deal with this depression, but not really save yourself.”The other side”, the psychological description of Ma Jun is particularly meticulous.”But his warning to himself was so weak and fragile in front of the living Suye.”Su Ye for Ma Jun constitute irresistible temptation and stimulation.The old man they met by chance at the lake gave him a dream impression, which was his own heart.”The old man, who seemed to be transformed from the thousand years of the West Lake, cast a shadow over his otherwise sunny mood.”The progress of this story in the outside world is always matched by the weather.”In the past, his tiredness would have been cured by a particularly fine sunny day, but apparently not now.”The weariness of such writing, which the weather cannot cure, is typhoid fever in the bones.Encounters are meaningless. This date is neither an end nor a beginning, but a small pause in a long process.Sexual relations are almost the main line of Zhu Hui’s novels.Lust is sometimes closely related to depression.Psychoanalysis as principle, yu-xia zhang, ma jian, in for a research paper in “liao zhai zhi yi” for the following interpretation: “written by pu songling” strange stories “are involved in a dream, there are many story in both relate to life philosophy and look forward to love or is a mapping of social ills, all show individual desire a active and liberation in the dream.”In Zhu Hui’s stories, the “unexpected encounter” of acquaintance has a sense of romance, or the longing for encounter, so as to become the spice of ordinary life.”He saw two young people, a man and a woman, with their picture frames in their left hands, riding merrily past his window, and his heart was like a piece of old silk over which a long fingernail glided lightly.”This description in addition to the author’s writing skills, but also powerfully depicts the desire and throb of urban youth for the opposite sex world.Yet this passive throbbing is tinged with idleness. Love seems to be the only new thing left under the sun that sustains the weary soul on its way, a pause in its journey.”The room, the two people in the bed, his own name, everything, made him feel strange and unfathomable.”The pursuit of strange and novel experiences is an adventure of the soul.The title of the book is “The Crossed Rainbow,” and this contemplation is temporary and distracted.Penzo’s lack of repression in the real world is compensated for by Marco’s brush.There is no shortage of parodies in the film of each other’s comfort in small Spaces.In the movie Sweet Honey, Li Qiao became The only friend of Li Xiaojun in Hong Kong except for his aunt. The young men and women struggling outside alone found each other’s spiritual support, and Li Xiaojun became the tool for the heroine Li Qiao to make money and run errands in her early days.A chance encounter at McDonald’s and a chorus of “Sweet Honey” on a bicycle make the bicycle a place of mutual dependence, which are typical figures in the background of the big times.

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