Chongqing has a “sky market”, named eighteen stairs

The street lights far away seem to flash countless stars stars in the sky seem to light countless street lights I think the ethereal sky must have beautiful markets on the display of some items must be no treasures in the world……There is a “sky market” in Chongqing, which is very popular.The mother city chongqing Zhongshan city lane to eighteen ladder area, the streets are built along the mountain, along the cliff.Every evening, a beacon street lamp on the hillside in turn lit up, such as the stars in the sky.In September this year, the traditional style area of eighteen stairs was unveiled. The stilted buildings, narrow rain lane and ancient residential buildings in eastern Sichuan are integrated and connected with the mountain city lane. The “sky market” bearing the memory of old Chongqing also meets the citizens with a new look.When night falls, the traditional style area of eighteen stairs lights up along the way, shimmer and tree shadow interweaving, quiet and serene, just like through the sky market, you can walk straight into the past years of the mother city yuzhong.So-called: see life, see historic sites, see buildings, see surprise.According to legend, there used to be an old well, just 18 steps away from the residents’ residence, people fetching water for drinking, carrying water for washing are here, bustling, so this place is gradually known as the “eighteen stairs”.Another theory is that in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people built a stone ladder path to facilitate passage. Due to the large slope at both ends of the ladder, it was divided into 18 sections, and each section had a platform for passers-by to rest, hence the name “18 stairs”.Since the beginning of the well, the street to the name, although after eight hundred years of vicissitudes and has never changed.In the process of restoration, many old trees and terraces were retained, which not only continued the urban context of chongqing’s mother city, but also retained people’s unforgettable complex on the Eighteen Stairs.Guanyinyan is located above the site of the Eighteen ladder tunnel.View of the market from Kwun Yam.According to ba County Annals, there were more than ten bodhisattvas carved on the cliff here, hence the name “Guanyinyan”.Every evening, guanyin statue on the cliff is lifelike.There are literati see scenery business, to see and feel named “Buddha cliff sunset”.At the site of the Shibati tunnel, citizens can feel “the stronger the explosion — the memory of Chongqing in the air-raid shelter”.The site shows the unforgettable years of “running alarm” during the Anti-Japanese War, reproducing the production and life of air-raid shelters, so that citizens can understand the life of air-raid shelters during the Anti-Japanese War during the tour.The night view vision of the traditional style area of Eighteen Stairs mainly focuses on the building gable wall, the top of the building, the cornice of the building and the steps of the building, which fully embodies the 3D urban attributes of Chongqing and can bring a good night view experience to the viewing platform and pedestrians.At night, walk down the alley in the light.The so-called “looking for mountains, exploring water, appreciating the moon and appreciating the city”.That’s all.Dongfeng night put thousands of trees, more blown, stars such as rain.BMW carved car fragrance full road.The sound of the flute moves, the jade pot turns, and the fish and dragon dance all night.Moths snow willow gold wisp, laughter yingying fragrance.He found thousands of baidu, suddenly look back, that person is in, the lights dim.Xin Qiji Guocao Cultural and Creative Experience Zone focuses on the inheritance and innovation of traditional handicrafts, exquisite research and development of featured products of projects, and IP derivative incubation of cultural and creative products. The launched formats mainly include cultural creativity, Guocao retail, online celebrity catering, boutique b&B and so on.Bright lights, full of human fireworks.Shibati traditional style area with people coming and going, witness the city’s fresh face and profound culture.Shanguo Lane is a relatively well-preserved architectural complex of early liberation style in shiyati traditional style area.Building no. 35, in particular, used to have a family of five generations living here, reflecting the health, happiness and harmony of people in the mountain city at that time.Fire tree silver flower closed, star bridge iron lock.The dark dust followed the horse, the moon followed.Zhu Bingren Copper Art Museum, Houxiang, Eighteen Bowls in Yudu, Chongqing Tuotea Zen Life Hall…The Traditional culture Experience area of Shibati Traditional Style area offers bayu traditional culture experience, culture and art museum, Shibati theater and other formats.Overelaborate color distant points, numerous light far compose the day.Pick up han suspect star falls, according to the building like moon hanging.– Lu Zhaolin (Tang Dynasty) Shibati Traditional style area is currently settled in a number of characteristic shops, bringing a unique style of fashion play, the public can also look for the taste of memory in many shops.Photo and text: Chongqing Chinese Travel Chongqing published source: Chongqing Traveler APP Editor: Tian Yinreview: Jiang Yue Cold Li Rong

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