South Korea’s soccer stars are in a hurry to learn from henan shaolin Temple

“The world’s martial arts out of Shaolin”, is not blowing, ancient times was so, so now.The shaolin Temple is the origin of many martial arts, should be countless.So that foreigners think that Chinese people can kung fu, jin Yong’s books, those hidden masters are in the Shaolin Temple, even a nameless monk can sweep the floor of the martial arts.”Martial arts again high, also afraid of kitchen knife” this words some ridicule, but you take a knife as martial arts practice family also copy guy.Come on, you’re going to have to give in.Shaolin Temple’s martial arts pay attention to the strong and powerful, mainly fighting clothing, point to the end.This is the same as the slogan of the Henan construction team – the exclusive rule of all kinds of disobedience, not the one stick killed that disobedience.Coincidentally, far in South Korea’s player Lee Chun-su also said so, so more to learn from this method.Let’s not say whether this person is right, let’s say the children of shaolin Temple, how many times on the Spring Festival gala, which performance is not wonderful?Touched countless people at the same time, but also powerful and beautiful enjoyment.Why is Shaolin Kung Fu so popular?This is a kind of inheritance, up to the founding general Xu Shiyou, down to the grassroots star Wang Baoqiang are to shaolin Temple martial arts experience.Shaolin Temple is so strong, of course, it has its own reason.For example, the Shaolin Boy skill is a special skill of the Shaolin Temple, to learn the divine skill, training since childhood.We must begin to practice from childhood to become great in the future.Winter training three volts, summer training 39, is not the lack of national football team?How can high salaries and staggering signing fees motivate people?And how can I have the mood to practice, can finish the daily training even if you deserve.This World Cup qualifier has become a testing ground, the experimental base of the young domestic coach chu Ge, or choose their own people, unity is iron or, with the same plaything.It’s not that they don’t work hard, it’s that they take tens of times more than national income and they don’t give us the results we want without a lot of competition.How can I not be angry?All was said and cursed, but still it was of no use.The point is we’re just going to pick from those groups, not who?They might be worse off than anyone else!There are a lot of players in the national squad, and there are still a few available.I don’t have to, I don’t have to!Shaolin tagou martial arts school does not have this trouble, you can not, replacement, more people want to Spring Festival Gala?This is shaolin’s advantage.If there is a choice, I believe I would rather practice martial arts than football, which is sad because no one is willing to practice football and no talent can be selected.Kung fu gao Qiang, that is also practice out, you kung fu again strong, no one inheritance, is not also a annihilation?Practice since childhood, practice more people, Shaolin martial arts can be famous, football is the same truth.For so many years, the football population has been unable to rise. It is natural and not surprising that the top has only developed the superstructure, ignoring the roots.In this regard, shaolin Temple is also to see the eyes, anxious in the heart.In 2015, the Sports bureau of Henan Province put the brand of shaolin youth football training base in Tagou Martial Arts School, and invested more than 30 million yuan to explore a new mode of football talent training.The first coaches of the team were all from overseas.Since signing the contract in November 2016, Shaolin Football has become a testing ground for Spain’s coaching team.In 2019, he formed his own football team and participated in the National Youth Games.After three years of efforts, tagou school football team achievements in continuous progress.From a series of big defeats, he has now won gold MEDALS in different leagues.In 2018, the U14 women’s team of the School won the third place among 23 national teams in the Elite Training Camp competition sponsored by China Football Development Foundation, and many players were selected as the best squad.In the first China Urban Children’s Football League (Zhengzhou Division) in 2018, women’s U11 team and men’s U12 team won the championship, and men’s U10 team, men’s U11 team and women’s U12 team won the runner-up respectively.Can Shaolin martial arts save Chinese football?This is premature, but shaolin Temple is eager to develop football, which is also a beneficial exploration. Perhaps, in the near future, The Chinese team with Shaolin genes will make the opponents terrified, and Chinese martial arts and football will become a world trend.Of course, only shaolin football is not enough, Henan and Zhengzhou 9 middle school, Henan Experimental middle school and so on such youth training pioneers.And all over the province city in some silently send force youth football training.Therefore, wushu originated in Shaolin and football originated in Henan.Spring Festival arrived, for henan youth all youth football grass-roots workers praise!

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