Dongguan Hafu H9 welcome to inquire, buy a car discount of 5,000 yuan

Hafer H9, now available, hot sales, in order to give back to the majority of users, until February 16, purchase 2.33% discount,Easy circle you buy a car dream promotion time from February 16, 2022 to February 16, 2022 Hafo H9 latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Dongguan offer 2.0t gasoline four-wheel drive premium 5 seats 261,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 256,800 yuan 2.0t gasoline four-wheel drive wisdom enjoy type5 seats 235,800 yuan 238,800 yuan 2.0T gasoline four-wheel drive luxury 7 seats 255,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 250,800 yuan 2.0T gasoline four-wheel drive elite 5 seats 214,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 209,800 yuan 2.0T gasoline four-drive comfort7 seats 229,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 224,800 yuan 2.0-ton gasoline four-wheel drive distinguished 7 seats 279,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 274,800 yuan 2.0-ton gasoline four-wheel drive all-purpose 5 seats 273,800 yuan 0.500 yuan 268,800 yuan

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