She haiku in this world has been a thousand years, see all the ugliness of the human heart, also linger in the world warm love long

Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Small make up recommend: it’s for friends about her in this world has been one thousand years, seeing the heart is ugly, also wander the earth warm feeling long first book: “the quick wear of disease jiao male and mua” author: loose rat introduction: if you ask what is the most happiness thing in the world, Tang Qiuxue will definitely tell you: “lay lie to have a meal, play phone, lay shopping, lying down…Go to sleep.”On the other side of the holding his wife to leave the night dust two people back to the mountain cabin, for him, this is his home.His and her home.Tang Qiuxue hugged his neck, giggling and laughing.She had no idea that the little guy would run off with her and leave everyone behind as soon as the ceremony was over.As for the reasons…Tang Qiuxue wu mouth stealthily smile, the little guy seems to be jealous overturned.Careful to support the arms have been smiling crooked body, night jue dust carefully for her to pick the heavy phoenix coronet Xia Pei.Although she knew he was jealous, she still wanted to hear him admit it: “Dust dust, are you jealous?”Looking at the woman lying in his arms with a smile on her face, Yejue Chen nodded and admitted as she wished: “I don’t like others to see you as beautiful as that, only I can see.”(Click below to read for free) Second book: “Fast Wearing when The Gun ashes to get the leading role in the script” by: Meat mo Run egg (she has been haiku for a thousand years, see all the ugliness of the world, but also the warmth of the world long) introduction: She haiku for a thousand years, see all the ugliness of the world, but also the warmth of the world long.To return to the world of mortals in, she passes through each time and space ceaselessly, the cannon ashes that lets the saddest urge people have another paragraph of life.The breeze comes and the flowers bloom.Cannon fodder can be winners in life!Wonderful content: Meng Changyou finally saw her.In the big blooming golden chrysanthemum in the courtyard, Yan Bai is holding Lady Yan’s arm, with a wonderful smile.Her eyes seemed to be full of bright stars.Lips are red and teeth are white.Where there is a bit of his imagination of gaunt and lonely, clearly happy in them, the mood float in the sky.Meng Changyou has never seen such a white face.That woman is always beautiful, always sad face, even laughing is worse than crying.In front of this man, happy publicity, the body has unspeakable vitality.Such yan Bai, give Meng Changyou a novel feeling.But in a moment, Meng Changyou’s feelings turned into a stronger anger.Is this woman trying to shame him?Everything was embarrassing him today.Yan Bai noticed the arrival of Meng Changyou, cast a glance.She lifted the corners of her mouth in an imperious curve.They looked down at him coldly and in a lofty way.Meng Changyou’s body was kept in place.The image of her high above him when they first met yan Bai kept flashing before his eyes, and finally overlapped with the scene in front of him.After the first time, Yan Bai never looked at him in that way again.(click on the below free reading) third: “quick wear law article 108: male master, you don’t liao” author: one thousand jins copper profile: but it’s too bad, after the death of her only know oneself originally is the legendary x. wicked, in order to save itself, her decision to wear fast to complete client’s requirements, each world just this request too much.Great thing: “Are you sure we want to get married?”Lu Fan was still in a trance. She sat on the chair uneasily. After struggling for a long time, she couldn’t help dragging Wei Cheng’s arm and asking again.”Sure.”Instead of being perfunctory, Wei Cheng answered firmly, “You have asked this question for nine times. Are you sure you want to ask it again?”However, looking at the other party’s tangled expression, he felt his nervous heart slowly relaxed down, originally a little stiff muscles also slightly eased.”But why?”Lu Fan felt that all this came too suddenly, let her unprepared.”You won’t?”Wei Cheng looked at Lu Fan with a serious face, but there was a hint of a smile in his eyes.”No, no.”Lu Fan quickly denied that it was such a sudden marriage that she always felt uneasy.”That’s good.”Wei Cheng reached out and grasped Lu Fan’s hand, holding the soft hand tightly. After all my efforts, I could finally be with you. The corners of his mouth turned up an arc unconsciously.Wang Xiaoai looked at the eyes of the two people, the heart is full of envy, the man is really very handsome ah, the woman is also very good look, their long is not bad, when can find the other half of the boyfriend is good.(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. If you have anything else to say to xiaobian, or want to share with you, please leave a comment below!We next time see ~ past period review: “Quick wear cannon fodder online counter attack” every day the necessary task is to be hit by the fruit, by the fruit hit “Flash marriage honey love: overbearing president honey pet wife” “Gu Shao, madam escaped again!After marriage, Fu Boyan spoiled her to the core and indulged her endlessly. Xiao Shao just likes me. He pursued her hard, and she was always slow to warm up

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