Traffic police warm heart rescue lost old man

Legal news from datong in shanxi (liu chao correspondent PangXiaoLi) recently, the public security bureau traffic police detachment of datong heng brigade police quarantine inspection at flat prosperous high-speed intersection, a dirty old man on a stick body walked over to police, asked how to get to the chemical plant, police see the old man is a person, immediately ask him from where come of,Said the old man came up from the south, by car, no money or family telephone, just remember home in chemical plant, the plant will know where home is, civilian police through the communication with the old man learned that old man is 84 years old, with mild dementia can’t remember things, said he came out from home about six o ‘clock in the morning, don’t know go to where,The state is lost.Because the police epidemic prevention inspection at the highway intersection, can not leave the post without authorization, there is no way to help the old man to take a taxi, and paid the fare, constantly told the driver to send the old man to the nearest place from his home.Datong traffic police Heng ‘an brigade remind: the elderly go out with the best family, or for the elderly with the elderly mobile phone or for the elderly to make identity cards, write family contact and address information, once the elderly home lost and other circumstances, can facilitate others to contact their families, in order to get timely assistance.Editor in charge: Wang Wenge

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