Wanted!A positive person took K360 train to Xi ‘an on 26 days track involving multiple subway stations

On March 28, Fengdong New City issued an emergency search notice, and the activities of nucleic acid positive people involved railway stations and several subway stations.General citizens and friends: The movement track of zhang xx, a nucleic acid positive person, is announced as follows: on March 26, she took K360 train (Shanghai-Xi ‘an, hard sleeping car 12, Middle shop no. 05) and arrived at Xi ‘an Railway Station at around 06:10.06:30 or so to Baoji dispatched to Xi ‘an Railway Station special squad.Leave from the diversion point of Baoji Epidemic Prevention Team stationed at Xi ‘an Railway Station at around 10:00.After leaving the station at around 10:00, ride shared bikes to Anyuan Men SUBWAY station.Nucleic acid testing was conducted again at the nucleic acid sampling point of Anyuan Men subway station.Take Subway Line 2 to Beidajie Station. Then transfer to Subway Line 1. At 10:56, arrive at Weijiazhai Subway station and exit D.11:03 Shopping in Michelle Ice City (Guard Zhai Flyover departure Times Square store).11:12 have dinner in Wallace (No. B9-01-03, Qihang Jiayuan, Sanqiao Street, Xi Xian New Area).12:16 walk to Qihang Hotel (4th Floor, Area B, Qihang Jiayuan, Weierzhai, Sanqiao Street, Xi Xian New Area), then take the elevator to Enter Qihang Hotel and check in room C09.Please report to the community, work unit and hotel as soon as possible, and cooperate with centralized isolation, home isolation, health monitoring, nucleic acid testing and other prevention and control measures.We should continue to wear masks scientifically, do not shake hands, wash hands frequently, have regular ventilation, avoid overseas shopping, and try not to go to places with dense crowds and poor air circulation.Such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, decreased hyposmia, taste, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and diarrhea COVID – 19 related performance, not missing work, do not take part in social activities, do not take public transportation, wear a mask, as soon as possible to the nearby hospital fever outpatient service medical treatment according to regulations, cooperate with nucleic acid detection and epidemiological investigation,Inform the doctor of your activity history, contact history of risk personnel and imported goods, and abnormal physical conditions. Do not buy or take medicine by yourself.Contact information: Fengdong New City epidemic Prevention and control 24-hour consultation telephone: 029 — 89108026 Fengdong New City Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office March 28, 2022 source: Huasang.com editor: Hu Zepeng

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