Watch the peach blossom cruise and enjoy guangfu Year on Lianhua Mountain in Panyu, Jinshan

On the second day of the lunar New Year, lianhua Mountain in Panyu is decorated with lanterns and decorations.Visitors can not only enjoy the blooming peach blossom, but also watch the carnival parade, participate in the climbing “Jinshan” grand Prix, taste the characteristic food “climbing jinshan”, receive the benefits and rice distributed by the Golden tiger, and spend a festive, happy, full flavor of the Spring Festival holiday.Lotus hill covers an area of nearly 40 acres of peach blossom garden, ten thousand peach trees in full bloom: Flat peach blossom rich, petite and exquisite, red all over the sky;White peach white, elegant fragrance, pure jade;Hibana tower, like brocade, red lotus tower;Tea cup feet, honey eggs, longevity belt and other more than 10 varieties of peach blossom, full of spring.Burning peach blossom in addition to the meaning of love happy, but also the meaning of a great future.The peach blossom in full bloom attracts many tourists to enjoy the flowers and take photos.Peach blossom tourists and peach blossom in full bloom to take a picture of the New Year, lotus Mountain tourism area respectively in the Lotus tower, peach Garden, Wenfeng Path, hundred garden added “Hu Hu sheng Fu” “Climb gold Mountain” “Bonanza” “Five blessings” “all the way to the university” “happy life” “fortune is” more than 10 New Year online red card points:With lanterns spelling out the giant “tiger head” “spring” character landscape sketch stands on both sides of the Lotus tower, welcome the spring fu, Tiger Tiger living power;Ten of the 188-meter-long “Golden Dragon (cage)” characters wind their way into a wanfu Road, with peach blossoms on both sides setting off an interesting scene.Under the Lotus Tower called “Wenchang Tower”, along the Wenfeng Path covered with lanterns of socialist core values, all the way to the entrance examination and a bright future…Visitors can click their photos and share them in moments to draw souvenirs and receive blessings and likes from friends and relatives.Fun with Cartoon Characters at 11:00am, the Fun Carnival Parade highlights: The guard of Honour kicks off to welcome the Auspicious Chinese New Year;Note band stepped on the wonderful and happy beat slowly, singing New Year’s song of joy;Cartoon image king duck, tiger tiger goose cute funny, to the size of friends to send a good blessing;Peach blossom princess dance, embellish a spring colorful beautiful picture of vitality;Fortune recruit Fu Jinhu grand debut, good luck rolling in the New Year…Visitors can enjoy the garden with cartoon characters and “challenge” the princess to win special Gifts for the Spring Festival.It is the traditional custom of Lianhua Mountain to send rice to the parade.This Spring Festival, Lianhua Mountain specially prepared 100, 000 pieces of blessing, fumi by Zhaofu Jinhu free distributed to tourists.One seal is, blessing “such as tiger add ‘hundred million’, good luck”, one fumi, meaning “rice and happiness”, tourists laugh heartily, feel thick Guangfu New Year flavor.With the sound of “Jinshan” gong, the unique and self-designed “Jinshan” grand Prix of Lianhua Mountain tourism Area will also be held.The 16-meter-high “Golden Mountain” is covered with a variety of fruits and vegetables with unique connotations of guangfu: the safe apples, the pomelos, the oranges, the sugarcane, the dragon fruit…Full of beautiful things in eyes, festive auspicious.Visitors scramble to register, climb the “golden hill”, pick fruit, take points, win the grand prize.After climbing “Jinshan mountain”, visitors can also taste the folk food of Panyu “Jinshan Mountain” and feel the taste of New Year on their tongue.”Climb Jinshan”, chefs from Lianhua Mountain Yuehai Resort, piled up mud dace and minced meat into a mountain and placed it in the center of “Guang Fu Yi Pot” with a diameter of 2.8m.Scoop out the fish and roll it from the “golden mountain” into the minced dace fish bone soup. Serve with fresh lettuce and cook immediately.Panyu folk delicacies: one braised fish every year, two braised bonanza, and three braised luck (dishes), are the most Cantonese characteristics and the most delicious food for the New Year.Article/Photo: Panyu Rong Media reporter Chen Xiaojie Yang Song

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