“No fetish, no friendship” : people who have these fetish are not ordinary people and are worthy of lifelong friendship

Zhang Dai of the Ming Dynasty once said: “People without addiction can not be with, with its no deep feeling;Do not deal with a man without faults, because he is not true.”If a person has no hobbies, then he is not worth dating, because he is not affectionate.If a person has no faults, then he is not worth being with, because he is not real.People with idiosyncrasies and flaws may seem imperfect and imperfect, but in fact, they are the ones worth getting to know.You know, the real side of a person is all about their flaws and preferences.Modern people have such an idea that the flawed person is not a good person, and the flawed person is not as good as the perfect person.There is something wrong with this idea.Anyone has strengths and weaknesses, and he has no shortcomings, then he can only be the ultimate hypocrisy of the hypocrite.When communicating with people, never look at the surface, but need to look at his heart and feelings.Value the feelings of the people, worth contacts;Always with a true person, also worth contact.From the point of view of interpersonal relationship, there is no perfect person, only bosom friends who share the same heart and admire each other.People who have no habits, do not make friends.People with these idiosyncrasies are not ordinary people and are worth deep friendship.Those who have few friends are worth deep acquaintance.There is a class of people who have few friends and prefer to keep to themselves rather than socialize blindly.They may be seen as different;Perhaps they will be looked down upon.Especially in the workplace, if you are a little out of the crowd, others will target you or even exclude you, let alone those who live alone and have few friends around them?For such people, we can not use the eyes of ordinary people to see, but need to empathize with them.An over-enthusiastic man is often not a true man.If he was hot with everyone, how could he have any real feelings?Those who are loners, on the other hand, may have fewer friends, but others value relationships more.Perhaps, that cold exterior, but hidden a heart full of feelings.Among those who are devoted to love, who can be passionate to anyone?The more he plays, the more friends he has.And people who value relationships more have fewer friends.Only, the former’s friends, are some of the bad friends.And the latter’s friends, mostly for bosom friends.Those who are used to meditating are worthy of deep friendship.In this world that comes and goes, most people choose to live a grumpy life, with little time or thought for “thinking”.How many people do you think can “think” about a philosophical problem, for example, or “think” about a life-related problem?It’s not that we can’t do it, but that people at present dislike those “thinking” people.In their view, the incompetent think, and the competent are desperately trying to make money.Such an idea, after all, is a bit extreme.Of course, this is not to say that making money is bad, but to say that if we lack the time to “think” in our life, then our life will be dull and shallow after all.The realm between people, as well as the height of thought between people, often with his “thinking” frequency related.By befriending people who like to “think”, you are likely to have more peace of mind, deeper friends and a better life.04 Like reading and writing, worth deep friendship.It has been said that in this era of extremely barren spiritual world, people often do not have the pursuit of writing and art, which is a kind of regret.Whenever it comes to poetry and fu, I believe many people will cast contemptuous eyes and even wonder whether reading poetry and fu really has any effect.Especially in the “utilitarian” environment, even students hate poetry.In this way, the text has become a kind of “abandoned” it?In addition to poetry, there is reading.We might as well think, how long has he not read, how long has not touched the paper books?The vast majority of people, in the fragmentation of rough reading, kill their own time, ignore the needs of the heart.In fact, if we can meet a friend who likes reading and writing, then we might as well make friends with them.The inner world of such a person is absolutely abundant, and the soul is more interesting than the impatient person.And if we can’t meet that person, we might as well be that person.At least, more reading, more taste of art and the magnificent text, this is a kind of enjoyment of life.Accustomed to “insist” to do one thing, worth deep friendship.Some time ago, a friend told me such a problem, nowadays people, more grandiose, and like to overreach, even work even a quarter of an hour can not insist.Especially when they are new to the workplace, they always want to climb to the top, so what have they achieved?My friend runs a company himself. Recently, he has had several students as interns, but these students can’t even “insist” on one thing, and even engage in some things, dragging the company’s back legs, which makes him particularly angry.So he immediately fired the interns.I told him that it wasn’t about any one person, it was about The Times.Especially in this materialistic era, most people want to get rich overnight, overnight red.So, do they have the heart to persist?Whether it is money or career, if you want to accumulate and make breakthroughs, you need to keep “persisting”.When making friends, let’s look at this aspect. If he is persistent enough about something, provided it is meaningful, then you can choose to socialize with him.This is a blessing for you.There are deer in Shu Mountain

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