Not long after the divorce, she had a baby on her third marriage

See many love long-distance do not want to get married and lead to the broken situation, frequent marriage divorce and marry again is not much.Marriage, can only say that people are really too different.Ajiao and her ex-husband Lai Hongguo at the beginning of that is not optimistic ending is not surprising brief marriage you still have an impression?High-profile love a year, lively get married, the result is less than 2 years separated.After divorce gjiao said he should not get married again, because she has tried to get married this matter, calculate calculate later.But she is originally the second divorced ex-husband Lai Hongguo is completely different.The divorce didn’t take long to start chapter three, and the progress bar was mind-boggling.Lai Hongguo today to respond to the media, the three marriage baby hearsay all recognize.It was a third marriage.Not only is he getting married again, but he also admitted he’s going to be a father. His third wife, Alice, is due in August.Emmmm..Anyway, it seems like yesterday that the last divorce battle and all the sad quotes happened, and that the new wife and baby were already in place.He stroked the time line, so to say, he was a strange man with extremely high speed and frequency in and out of the Civil Affairs Bureau.As early as before knowing Gjiao, Lai Hongguo had been on TV, in Taiwan area is also a moderate network celebrity.In 2015, he appeared on “Kangxi Lai” as a super handsome gynecologist.The host and guests praised him, praised him very handsome, like Wang Yangming + Zhang Xiaoquan mixture.He will boast more, said he looks like Kimura Takuya.By small S ridicule, this is a super confident, boast their handsome and not soft.Lai hongguo’s own condition is objectively very good in ordinary people, and his income also exceeds that of the ordinary middle class.(High exposure, many fans, can carry goods, can receive commercial shows, is a star doctor, not compared with the star is very superior).And this guy didn’t waste his good fortune.Love on the road did not toss less, all the way with the rhythm of lightning spark.The scandal is a string on string.One relationship leads to another.One ex-wife after another.Her first wife is IVY CHAO, a stewardess of China Airlines. She is also known as ariel Lin of China Airlines.And Lai Hongguo this version of Wang Yangming’s collocation, with “I may not love you” version of the net like.15 years two people go up together Kang Xi, fit show conjugal love.The woman also said lai Hongguo’s advantage is that he is very relieved.In 2016, Lai Hongguo proposed to IVY CHAO. The proposal was made by saying: “If you are searching all your life, you will surely meet a love of your own.”Moved the woman tears, one fell swoop down.As a result, shortly after the marriage, I had to step on the scene.A netizen left a message on Ivy’s social account, saying that your husband is my friend’s booty call. Do you know that?At that time, Ivy chose to protect her husband, saying that SHE believes her husband is not such a person.But the irony is that, although he said he believed it, he was soon slapped in the face.Ivy announced her divorce after only four months of marriage.At the end of the speech, Ivy said, “A relationship has different weight to people with different values,” which seems to indicate that the two sides value each other very differently.At the same time, when asked by the media about the reasons for divorce, she replied that “no one should love anyone forever, and she has not the courage to deal with the pain yet”. She was the one who got divorced due to emotional hurt.However, the media later gave a follow-up report, saying that Ivy also robbed Lai Hongguo in the hands of others, but was robbed again in the same way.This later version has damaged the image of his first ex-wife as an innocent spoony, but nothing seems to have changed for Lai hongguo, who seems to have been too philandering regardless of which Revelations are true.He got divorced in October of ’16.In October of ’17, she and Gillian were photographed breaking off their relationship.It seems like it’s been a year since my last marriage, so it’s not that short, and new developments are normal.But look at him and a Jiao’s feelings progress, should be in the recognition of love has quietly developed not short time (that is to say, this elder brother from the first marriage change come out of the fast very fast).This relationship is still the speed of the rocket hanging forward.Maybe it’s just a coincidence of timing.At the age of 37, Gjiao was very impatient baby, looking forward to giving birth to a child, but also hope to find a good appearance of the spouse eugenic eugenic next generation, the love is not high requirements.And she feels like no boy wants to marry her.Therefore, when I met Lai Hongguo, who had a good career and good appearance, I felt that I should not miss it and did not waste time slowly dating.So he offered to get married and married himself.In February 2018, Gjiao announced her marriage to Lai Hongguo after just four months of dating.Although the mouth is no longer too important to love just want to have a stable home and give birth to a child, but in fact, a Jiao to this relationship was quite invested.I was very happy when I got married, and the wedding was very grand.After marriage, lai Hongguo and a variety of Siamese twins into the pair, into each other’s circle of friends.Family planning was also put on the agenda for the first time, and she openly admitted that she was anxious to have children in the face of media inquiries.She is afraid that she will not be able to give birth to frozen eggs because of her old age, and she openly tells her husband not to be too busy and fly around.She said she and her husband also looked forward when they were trying to get pregnant.But the child has not been news, husband’s affairs is one after another.The separation came less than a year after the marriage.But in September, netizens broke the news that Lai hongguo seemed to have an affair and followed a group of female Internet celebrities.Gillian’s response is to refute rumors for her husband platform show conjugal love.He also issued a denial.Netizens also apologized.At that time, many users let Gillian long dim sum pay attention to point, but Gillian still continued to show affection said believe her husband.In fact, easy still want to continue to live, there is nothing wrong with this way of handling.But as it turned out, they couldn’t get along in any way.Economic aspect, A Jiao is the normal consumption mode of female star, buy things without looking at the price, but after marriage to worry about and their income is far from her husband’s feelings, buy things are not free.And Lai Hongguo.He was stressed out by the living standard of his superstar wife.Get married and have a wedding and almost go broke.After marriage once wanted to be a good husband with a wife, rented a mansion and A Jiao live.His card to A Jiao, said that although she is very rich, but married to have to let the wife with their own money.But Gjiao casually brush a day let him almost twice bankrupt, the next day to take back the card ha ha ha ha ha ha (stars and ordinary people’s income really have wall, even if it is a fat income of ordinary people).The two sides of the financial gap, or a good attitude, can accept the other side more than their own income and spend much more, so do not have a sense of inferiority and pressure.Or you have problems on top of problems.In addition to the birth plan failed to smooth out, the man has not changed the problem of many scandals.A variety of contradictions under the convergence, marriage can not go on has become inevitable.On May 8, 2020, Gillian divorced suddenly like a lightning marriage, lasting only 14 months.The reason for divorce, Lai Hongguo is to say that because A Jiao does not love himself.Also said that divorce is a Jiao request, he is passive.Despite the reaction of gillian’s circle of friends, divorce should not be an idea for two days.Lai Hongguo and Ajiao friend Sa and so on take each other off.In the face of the net friends sing decline and satire, he also unconvinced wrote a small composition refute, said he was suddenly divorced.I am willing to answer this question in an interview.But these behaviors were ajiao lawyers warned him to hush less mention.Although it was still at the stage of separation, it was clear from the way lawyers handled the marriage that it was impossible to save it.Sure enough, he went through the procedure and left.But after leaving, Lai Hongguo did not like what he said so sad sad decadent hit not to come out.He soon started a business partnership with Wang xiaofei.He also opened clinics in the hinterland to earn money.Gossip is also one after another.She said she was depressed because of her divorce, that her marriage had ruined her life.There’s not much to say you’re divorced.He said he was modest.It’s actually super efficient.In August 2021, he took his new girlfriend to dinner with his parents to celebrate his birthday.A few months later, it was announced that the third marriage was simultaneous.He seems to be very happy with his third partner (but then again he seems to be very happy every time he marries).Let’s face it, at a time when marriage rates are declining worldwide, there are some people who take the joy of marriage tirelessly, who are not affected by the failure of marriage, and who are not as optimistic as ordinary people.Actually, it’s pretty impressive.May believe that love will be hurt after hesitating to try again, afraid that they choose the wrong person.People who believe in marriage tend to be more optimistic and fearless, and try again if they’re wrong, or try someone else at the worst.The former is sensitive and emotional, with tangled emotional world and easy to be hurt, while the latter is realistic and rational. It is easy to love one person, but easier to love another person. His advantage is that he can look forward quickly.Don’t talk about right or wrong.At least one thing is for sure, since they are not people with the same philosophy of life, the end of this short marriage is the right choice.It’s not scary to flash away.Leave early, is also a kind of advance stop loss.

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