The consumption of baking cakes is young and new Chinese style, and light food leads the new trend

Mini matcha roll, meat floss cake, snow maid and other low-temperature cakes composed of jiugongge afternoon tea, now used as a spring outings dim sum is just right;Refrigerated cheeses can be used directly for breakfast as they flow to the heart and make you feel full.Iced mung bean cake and green ball with cheese flavor give a new life to traditional Chinese dim sum…As consumers become younger, new Chinese pastry, light nutrition and short guarantee baking will become the new trend of baking in 2022.According to the trend Report of baked Pastry Industry in 2022, the scale of China’s snack food industry exceeded one trillion yuan in 2018, and baked pastry became the largest category.According to data statistics, the annual compound growth rate of China’s bakery industry in the past five years is 11%. In 2020, the overall sales volume of China’s bakery industry will exceed 250 billion yuan, and it is expected to break through 280 billion yuan in 2021.More diverse categories, more innovative tastes and healthier ingredients have led to the continuous emergence of new and explosive bakery products: toast has become the super single product of baking on e-commerce platforms;Eurobag growth dividend is strong, is the best bakery layout of the category;Black sesame cake has a rapid growth and great development potential, which is a potential opportunity in the future.In taste, floss, nuts and black sesame are the trend.Soft and waxy has become the core taste. At the same time, through the crossover with different categories and the upgrading of pastry fillings, the composite taste is favored by more consumers.It is worth paying attention to that sugar control, fat reduction and healthy life have become an important ingredient trend of baking cakes. Sugar-free and natural sugar substitute are attracting more and more attention, and consumers are pursuing more healthy sweet.New people born after 1995, new white-collar workers, senior middle class, exquisite mothers, small-town youth and urban blue-collar workers have become the main force of bakery purchasing.They have a strong sense of taste, like lighter and smaller product packaging, and enjoy themselves is their core consumption scene.Under the trend of domestic goods and hot flashes, consumers’ awareness of nutrition and health, and daily pastry consumption, three subdivision tracks of pastry baking have been derived: new Chinese pastry, nutritious light food, and short guarantee pastry (short shelf life pastry).Among them, generation Z, small-town youth and exquisite mothers are the core group of new Chinese pastry.They prefer domestic brands and new brands, “national tide” and “IP joint name” become the traditional old brand, new brand growth accelerator.Excellent products are the core competitiveness of new Chinese pastry.Egg yolk crisp and peach crisp break the impression of traditional Chinese pastry with “western pastry”.Black sesame cake innovatively deduces the trend of “medicine and food have the same origin” with light nourishing ingredients and daily eating scenes.The growth rate of potato, hemp and other categories is also very obvious.In addition, more and more people choose to buy new Chinese cakes as gifts as the scenes of gift giving become more common and the objects of gift giving become diversified.New Chinese pastry merchants not only focus on the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival, but also start to arrange daily dim sum to produce products to meet the needs of consumers’ birthday, birthday ceremony, afternoon tea and other daily scenes.Consumers have higher and higher requirements for health, and pay more and more attention to the nutritional collocation of diet. Therefore, the market size of nutritious snacks also keeps a high growth.Generation Z, new white-collar workers and sophisticated mothers are the core group of nutritious light food pastries, who prefer new forms, coarse grains and Western flavors.European buns, light snacks and bagels from overseas have become the trend categories of nutritious light snacks on Tmall.In addition to continuing to dig into the scene of weight loss, meal replacement and post-exercise, we will continue to expand the scene of breakfast and afternoon snacks.The consumption of short – duration baking cakes is increasing, driving the influx of new customers and stimulating the growth of the market.Emerging white-collar workers, senior middle class and generation Z are the core group of short-guarantee pastry. They pursue appearance level and unique flavor. In terms of consumption scenes, they pay more attention to daily scenes and demand more for leisure time, afternoon tea parties and other social scenes.Birthday cake, melaleuca cake because of its large scale, tin cake because of its high growth, become a short-term baking trend category.(Source: Beijing Youth Daily)

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