To share the car maintenance experience

After the purchase of the car, the maintenance of the vehicle can be divided into two parts, one is in the warranty period, according to the use of the manual maintenance and repair, otherwise the manufacturer will no longer deductible or repair.The second is the maintenance after the warranty, which is what every owner has to face, how to do?How to do it well?The car is intelligent, you are good to the car car is not mistreat you, it will be less out of order, less breakdown, you do not pay attention to maintenance, inspection, it will often go wrong, the following to introduce several practices, for reference: 1, the establishment of vehicle use files and carry with the car.The archives are: mileage, the maintenance content, maintenance time, notes, etc., the total mileage traveled the time after each maintenance, maintenance of change, the replacement of parts, (including a/the status of the parts failure condition and after repair, maintenance time, matters needing attention, etc.) next truthfully recorded.Fuel consumption situation, driving road condition, their feelings also record on the archives.The file should also write down the mileage of each tire transposition, the mileage of oil, antifreeze and brake fluid replacement and the time, so that the next replacement can be checked.In short, the situation about the use of vehicles all to remember, remember.2, ensure the vehicle oil, liquid, filter clean and use requirements.The oil must be changed before every 5000 kilometers, the remaining one-third of the gasoline tank must be filled up, the gear oil must be changed every 50 thousand kilometers, the brake oil must be changed every 20 thousand kilometers, the antifreeze must be changed 30 thousand kilometers, the air filter, the gasoline filter must be replaced on time.Oil, water, liquid clean and do not leak to maintain the use of standards, is the key to the safe use of vehicles to extend the service life.3. The use of spare parts is optional.I have a principle for vehicle maintenance and replacement of spare parts: key and important spare parts should be purchased in a formal place with genuine products, and peripheral parts and minor spare parts can be purchased with products from the payment or matching factory.Such as: brake pad, cylinder line, spark plug to use genuine, and issue a receipt to have problems after the search;Like water tank, headlights, bumpers, decorative strips, etc., are used to pay factory parts, the effect is the same.This not only saves the cost but also ensures the safe use of the vehicle.Save for the car.Family car saving, car love is we should follow the principle of using vehicles, in this respect I do: first, there is no emergency or not hurry, can take the national road rather than take the highway, try to save bridge tolls and highway tolls.Two is usually wash the car, waxing all by their own, so as to save expenses and exercise the body, and live to do much finer than the car wash;Three is the regular inspection and maintenance, every week to the oil, antifreeze, brake oil, battery and other parts of the inspection, found (model picture forum) the problem is solved in time, the wheels every 10,000 kilometers by themselves.Four is driving slow refueling, according to the speed of the speed of the use of appropriate gear, soft operation is not tough, so as to save fuel and good for the vehicle.5. Fix a garage as far as possible.This can be done with the owner of the garage and the repairman familiar, the price is relatively reasonable, some small problems or change the filter is not money.But make sure you pick the right one.Sometimes the car some difficult diseases, can be in the regular factory inspection, and then to their own factory repair.For example: my car once fault light, has been unable to find the cause can not be eliminated, and then find a regular garage with a computer test, is the throttle position sensor is broken, he bought a car in the auto parts city with their own relationship to the garage installed everything is good, also did not spend the repair costs.In a word, the car to have enough attention, to do regular maintenance, as the saying goes: “three points repair seven points raise”, so that the car better for their own service!

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