Four-wheel drive Toyota Hiasi bed wagon, with 2.7L power leather durability, snow camping is not afraid

Hello, everybody is good ~ the same chassis, as a result of outfit different also can produce the difference on the price, for instance the bed car of Japan, the price has tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands differ, of course internal configuration is completely different also, introduce a configuration to everybody today relatively more comprehensive bed car.This is a based on hiace chassis of car bed, created in appearance or continuation of the classic vans modelling, because body size is not very big, only 5380 mm in length, so the daily parking is convenient, is carrying on the power of 2.7 L petrol engine, matching automatic gearbox, adopt the four-wheel drive mode, the maximum power of 111 kw,The maximum torque is 241N·m, generally speaking, still belongs to a relatively economic model.The height of the vehicle is 2340mm, so adults of average height can still stand straight in the car, because the width of the car is 1880mm, so the transverse space in the car is not particularly spacious.The front of the four-person booth + table reception area, whether driving or parking are maintained in a relative style, but the front seat facing the rear is not configured with seat belts, so when driving can only sit in the back seat, combined with the main and co-driver seats, driving the whole car can take up to four people.Parking can meet the basic needs of four people to eat and rest here.Although the lateral space inside the car is not very spacious, there is a kitchen area near the passenger door. In the front is the kitchen counter, which has a hidden clamshell refrigerator and a basic stainless steel sink. In the later stage, it is equipped with a card stove, which can also solve the basic daily cooking needs.At the back is the basic storage space, which also has a microwave embedded in it, which can heat meals and bento meals, making it easy to use.The rear of the car is a rest area for the whole car, and storage space is under the platform on both sides, which means that the car has relatively good storage capacity, even if it is loaded with a bicycle or a small motorcycle.When you need to rest at night, the rear mattress can be built into a horizontal double bed, but also to meet the daily sleep needs of two people.Although it is a vehicle that can carry four people, it can only accommodate two people in the bed.Finally, take a look at the water and electricity circuit of the whole car. On the electricity circuit, this car is equipped with a 2000W inverter, which provides a 100Ah battery pack. At the same time, the external body is also equipped with a power charging port which can supply the circuit.Water provides 10L clean water tank and 10L gray water tank, simple boiling water cooking or will be able to meet.The classic car hiace bed, except on the basis of own bed cars berth function, also joined the basic configuration of life, hydropower capacity is not enough, just need to stop where there is water and electricity supply to meet the normal life, valuable is the car with the fuel heater, tie-in all-wheel-drive system,Snow days can also go camping ~ now this car in Japan’s price of 6.6 million yen, equivalent to RMB about 360 thousand yuan, DO not know you for such a bed car have any original views and views?Feel free to share them in the comments section below. If you want to know more about trailers at home and abroad, please stay with us and see you next time

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