High appearance level!Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library will open on April 23

Sichuan online reporter Edge Yu Chengdu will add a cultural landmark punch card ground!Chengdu, April 1 (Chinamil) — Chengdu Library’s theme branch tianfu Humanities and Arts Library will open on April 23, the world Reading Day, according to chengdu Library.As the theme branch of Chengdu Library, Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library covers a construction area of 32,000 square meters, including readers’ borrowing area, children’s reading center, life Beauty Academy, Sinology Institute, Chengdu Literature Museum, international Humanities and arts Exchange center and other functional areas.It will provide the general public with a life aesthetics space integrating reading, leisure, aesthetics, artistic experience and cultural exchange.Today, walking in Tianfu Art Park, you can see the unique shape of Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library, its exterior building looks like a mountain, architectural design inspiration from the poem “the window contains a thousand autumn snow west ridge”.The high and low scattered shape of the book mountain in the museum shows the meaning of “the book mountain has a road frequently for the path”.Library relevant controller introduces, academic lecture hall chengdu tianfu arts and humanities library implements the modern library science and technology, tourism, aesthetic life scenes, bookstores, etc the cross-border integration of the industry, “science and technology of rocks, the museum is configured with RFID positioning system, 24-hour self-help library, smart venues, librarians, wisdom, walls, big data real-time release and other facilities.”In terms of integration with tourism, the theme branch library fully reshaps the spatial layout with the standards of scenic spots, scenic spots and participation, making the library become an elegant and fashionable space for tourism, reading and leisure experience.In addition, the theme branch library will break the traditional library model and adopt the way of book exhibition and cultural and creative sales in the bookstore, so as to constantly enrich and improve the library format and readers’ experience.In terms of reading activities, Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library is also worth looking forward to. High-quality public lectures and brand reading activities will be presented successively, and nearly 2,000 online and offline reading promotion activities will bring readers a rich “bookish meal”.After the opening of Tianfu Humanities and Arts Library, will chengdu Library wen Weng Road Continue to operate?”Both libraries will be open to the public, but they are slightly different in their functional positioning,” said a person in charge of Chengdu Library.The person in charge of the introduction, Tianfu humanities and arts library will be combined with the regional environmental advantages and modern architectural design concept, highlighting humanities and arts, showing the industry cross-border integration, its flexible, immersive reading space more prominent people-oriented life aesthetics.On the basis of retaining its library functions, Wen Weng Road Library of Chengdu Library will upgrade its functional layout, such as adding “celebrity library” and creating a digital reading experience area.(Photo by Leung Lin-tung)

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