Macao Diploma Certification

Those who have stayed in school know that no matter you are near Hong Kong and Taiwan or far in Europe and the United States, you only have a piece of paper when you graduate from university, that is the diploma.Little imagine to endorse your overseas educational background, not only have to graduate certificate, also need degree certification, only set the three pieces of paper, your degree can be recognized by place unit, you can enjoy a series of study abroad personnel policy, settled in Beijing, Shanghai, for example, so here is how to deal with degree certificate.The application that attestation of record of formal schooling is dealt with is divided into 2 parts: the first step, the official website that attestation of record of formal schooling applies for registration, fill in the information, basically be to choose agency point, pay on the net and your delivery address.The second step is to prepare raw materials and submit them to the agency (usually each province has agency points, and the end of the article lists agency points for reference).The first step, generally no problems, very easy to solve.The core of not getting in depends on getting the raw materials ready.Materials are as follows: • Photo: 2 inch, blue background;, visa card original and photocopy, immigration records, original and copy of graduation certificate, transcript original and 2 copies (one to pay, one for the translation work, pay attention to agent point all can give translation work, proposed guys on translation agent point, can save energy and time, and it is not easy to mistake,Application form for authorization: You will receive your diploma in about 2 Sundays.The following is the information of the agency:Haidian overseas service center, Ministry of Education of China (Beijing) national Ministry of Education service center of Beijing CBD verification certification company office (haidian district) returned students service station in Shanghai Shanghai education international cooperation seminar Tianjin education committee and the international education communication service station Human resources bureau of labor security bureau study abroad service center in tianjinService Center for Overseas Study in China Chongqing Center Chongqing Talents Communication and Exchange Service Center Hebei International Education Institutions Exchange Center Service Center for International Students in Henan and Authoritative Experts Heilongjiang Culture, Education and Academic Exchange Center Service Center for Returned Overseas Students in Jilin and Authoritative Experts Dalian Talents Service Center Anshan Administration of Foreign Experts In Liaoning ProvinceJinan study abroad returned to work in the company office Qingdao returned personnel service station Study abroad service center in Qingdao center in China Education international cooperation service station in jiangsu province Jiangsu mobility service station Wuxi international human resources service station Human resources market service station in suzhou Changzhou institute study overseas staff Jiangsu huaian talent exchange centerZhejiang authoritative experts and Overseas Students Service Center Huzhou Foreign Talents Service Center Fujian Foreign Talents Exchange Center Quanzhou Foreign Students Administration Department of Education of Anhui Province (Education Information Service Center of Anhui Province) Jiangxi Education international exchange core Hubei Education opening to the outside world Communication and exchange Service station Hubei Human resources marketChangsha international education institutions exchange center (changsha city bureau of education) employment guidance center of hunan province department of education Guangdong college graduate employment guidance center The service center of guangzhou city center in China Guangdong education international cooperation service station Shenzhen talent service center by the personnel department Guangxi autonomous region (core) English training teacher training schoolSichuan bureau of human resources social security hall students service station Chengdu culture education talent service center The core of yunnan education international cooperation Guizhou cultural education core academic exchanges Service stations in shaanxi province to study abroad students Shaanxi cultural education international cooperation service station Study abroad service center in Shanxi Province Xi ‘an talent service center Gansu province high and new science and technology human resources marketNingxia Society for International Cooperation in Education Xinjiang Society for International Cooperation in Education New York China Study Abroad Service Center Modern Education Go abroad for master’s Degree Communication exchange (Hong Kong, China) core learn more

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