Protect childlike innocence childlike fun happy scientific inquiry

(Reporter Yang Chuanzhi correspondent Zhang Jianxia) In order to let students like science, full of interest in science, Huiji district eight bao primary school fourth grade students in the new semester before and after the first science class, fully experienced a hands-on experience, in the experience of feeling, in the experience of exploration, in the exploration of harvest.”Our parachute falls the slowest.” “Our parachute has a larger surface.”The science class of the fourth grade on Monday ended imperceptibly in the constant observation, inquiry and experiment of the students.Fourth grade science preparation unit is “parachute”, because the production of parachute is simpler, so the science teacher let students through independent learning, on the premise of ensure safety make a parachute, the class began to let the students compare to see who made their own parachute falling to the slowest, fully stimulate students’ interest.Then the students compare and find out why some parachutes fall slowly and some parachutes fall fast.After stating your reasons, do experiments with other students in the group to see if the reasons are correct.Let the students find out the reason in the continuous expression and communication, improve in the experiment and explore, and get sublimation in the reflection and evaluation.Every student is a piece of unpolished jade, which needs teachers’ patience to carve. Every science teacher in Babao Primary School will do his best to make our students interested in science and make every student shine.

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