What does Yingluck Shinawatra, Thailand’s former prime minister, earn for a decent living in exile

She looks sweet, bloodline, and talented, just 44 years old, was elected to the country’s prime minister, she first half than idol drama is wonderful, than most cool article above, the lifetime is deviating from the original script, replaced by the ill-fated suffering, however, she still combative, still became the winner of the life, she is beauty in Thailand prime minister – English,.Yingluck was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand in June 1967. Her family name was The Shinawatra family, and her original surname was “Qiu”. Due to her ancestral home in Meizhou, Guangdong Province, Yingluck said she was 1/4 Chinese and gave herself a Chinese name, qiu Ying.She can be said to be born with a gold spoon princess, three generations doing business in Thailand, has accumulated a lot of wealth, then extends to the political and business, when she was born, the pull of family is one of Thailand’s most influential clans, she not only looks beautiful, influenced by family and intentional, is also very good, gentle temperament, is a super good grades of students.At the age of 21, She earned a bachelor’s degree from Chiang Mai University, one of Thailand’s top universities, and a master’s degree from the University of Kentucky in the US.But despite majoring in politics, Yingluck had no interest in politics, and when she returned home in 1991, at the age of 24, she had no problem finding work.For 20 years, from the age of 24 to 44, Yingluck has worked her way up the corporate ladder, from the manager of a family business to the managing director to the domineering chief executive, from a telecommunications company to the real estate industry, with a reputation and acclaim that speaks volumes about her ability.Though she itself ability is very good, also because of its high level of appearance, let her scenery infinite, but the shinawatra family and she is the most brilliant, the most glorious years, is 2001 to 2006, because this five years her brother doing Thai prime minister, and his brother his favorite person is her letter, this makes her more confident have bottom spirit.However, her luck seemed to last for 20 years, and then she made a decision to become Prime minister of Thailand, and that decision put a cloud over everything for her ever since!Yingluck became Thailand’s first female prime minister in 2011 at the age of 44. She is also known as the “lightning Prime Minister” because it took only 82 days to declare her candidacy, which is a sign of the strength of the Shinawatra family and of Yingluck’s talent.Yingluck, 44, is a winner in her life. Her stunning looks, charming smile and mature personality have helped her win huge popularity ratings, shine on the international stage and raise Thailand’s national image.In English at first, the Thai people believe that although her beautiful long enough, character is also good enough, but for the affairs of state, maybe she was just a snow job, when she took office two months, encountered some Thailand for decades the most ferocious flood, everybody is waiting to see her jokes, good support their malicious speculation, however, the end result is let them down.When floods occur, indeed let the British pull off guard, large parts of the whole country have been flooded and caused billions of economic losses, and let her feel more difficult is that after the flood, rice farmers in the kind of loss, after all, as rice exporting countries, farmers live in the area has been seriously destroyed, they will face not but no income,They can’t even be self-sufficient.Faced with this situation, Yingluck is very clear, is the people need her most, so she did not hesitate to go to the disaster area, let everyone share, at ease, she will be with the people, and this behavior did give the people to eat a reassuring, but also let her and the people to establish trust.After the flood, the said to do it, and many times people checking their rice planting together, although there will be some negative voice, but she still let people see the hope, then, in order to make people believe in yourself, the British also made an important decision, just, the decision, but for her hard left a huge hidden trouble in the future,Was one of the reasons she was sued.In order to stabilize Thailand’s rice export status and improve the interests of farmers, Yingluck implemented the rice subsidy policy. She bought rice from farmers at four times the market price and planned to sell it when the international rice supply was short.It was reasonable, it was good for the country, it was good for the people, it was good for the Thai people, it was good for the government, in her view, it was a win-win situation, and when Yingluck had everything under her control, something unexpected happened.To Yingluck’s surprise, just as Thailand was in trouble, neighboring trash Vietnam and India suddenly increased their rice exports, which upset her plan, not only as she expected, but also made Thai rice drop and therefore unmarketable!And is more terrible than this, then, to buy rice, not with cash, but the ious, according to the original plan was to “empty set of white Wolf”, the rice exports after the first, and then give money to farmers, and at this point, the farmers know the situation, also afraid of their own interests by loss, keep to the British government pressure, want to take back their own interests as early as possible.According to Thai media statistics, the British pull this strategy at least lead to the loss of billions of dollars of fiscal, originally she is in the interests of farmers, of course want to win the trust of more, only to let the Thai government to suffer a bigger loss, and for her, this is not the most terrible, but when she appeared the mistake, against to send instantly seize the opportunity,The plan was to use the misstep to bring down Yingluck, who eventually became the subject of impeachment and officially stepped down in 2015.Under forced back, her face as much as $1 billion of compensation, however, she was trying to make up for the fault, on my own to buy rice, found nothing, she ran to the market to sell rice personally, she moved by this behavior most thais, everyone scrambled to buy her m, however, are against her and don’t want to let go of her and her family so easily,They want her downfall.Finally, in 2017, with the tacit approval of the Thai military and the kingdom, Yingluck chose to flee Thailand and go into exile.Yingluck has a high approval rate and influence among the Thai people. However, the Thai royal family and the upper class did not look favorably on Yingluck at that time. As early as when she implemented the rice subsidy strategy, they laid a big net and waited for her to enter the game.Ms. Yingluck has rarely been seen in public since her exile, moving first to Britain and China before settling down in Serbia, where she has enjoyed a relaxed and stable family life.It was not until 2018, when Yingluck turned 51, that she returned to the public consciousness by Posting a news post on her birthday, telling everyone that she was fine and became the chairman of a company in Guangdong. Some say she chose Guangdong because of her roots.At this point, although yingluck is already 50 years old, she is still lively, suave, full of energy, still active in business, in her body, the signs of age become a charm, she is still beautiful.The for thais, although is not a total success, but she thought the behavior of the people are people see in the eye, and for us, it is more a admire her attitude towards life, although the pet as a child, but she never favor on and arrogant, although experienced middle-aged Waterloo, but she did not abandon, after the storm is still a twinkle in her eyes,Go back to being the beautiful, elegant winner of life.

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