Can the tortoise take the bullet train?Take a high-speed train trip, these details must see, do not lose!

Can the tortoise take the bullet train?Turtles are not allowed on high-speed trains, and kittens, dogs, chickens and other small animals are not allowed on high-speed trains.Because high-speed rail is used to transport people.Some passengers think that turtles are so small that they can be hidden in their pockets, but the security check at the railway station can detect that you are carrying a turtle, so it is not recommended to take a turtle on a high-speed train.Because if you are caught with a turtle, the train station inspector will also ask you to leave the turtle outside, which is not good for the turtle.How can I take a turtle?If you want to take turtles together, you can take a taxi, the general taxi passengers carrying turtles are not refused.If the distance is closer, you can also choose to ride by yourself. If the distance is too far, it is suggested to drive, which will be more convenient.In fact, turtles can live on their own for long periods of time, so owners don’t have to worry about turtles if they want to travel.Turtles are different from cats and dogs. Cats and dogs have to eat every day. Some turtles can eat for months.The owner just needs to make sure the turtle lives.Besides turtles, what other things can’t be carried on high-speed trains?When traveling on high-speed trains, dangerous goods are not allowed, and inflammable and explosive items are not allowed.All of these should be known, so we will mainly talk about what common things can not take a high-speed train.First of all, because high-speed trains are public Spaces, it is recommended not to carry things with strong smells, such as durian and snail noodles, when travelling on high-speed trains.Secondly, we should also learn about the relevant regulations of high-speed rail when we take high-speed rail.The difference between high-speed trains and other trains is that all trains on high-speed trains are non-smoking.So even if you have a lighter, there’s nowhere to smoke, so don’t think you can hide in the bathroom without being noticed.Even high-speed train bathrooms have electronic smoke alarms, so if you smoke, the system will recognize you and still find you.Therefore, lighters are not essential items when traveling on high-speed trains.If a girl is wearing nail polish on a high-speed train, don’t wear more than 20 milliliters of nail polish, as this is also not allowed on the train.In addition, if you want to take wine with you on high-speed train, the wine in bulk is not allowed. If there is a package, you can take it with you.But the total quantity should not exceed 20 bottles.Pure alcohol is also not allowed on high-speed trains.What should I pay attention to when travelling by high-speed rail?When traveling on high-speed trains, you should be careful about what you can and can’t take with you.There are also some details that travelers need to pay attention to.For example, if you take a high-speed train, you can swipe your ID card to get into the station. If your ticket is not reimbursed, you can swipe your ID card to get into the station without having to wait in line.However, if you have booked your train ticket in advance, you should not swipe your ID card when you get into the station, because the ticket information on your ID card has already been covered by the paper ticket, so you cannot swipe your ID card.Sometimes I made such a mistake and thought it was my ID card, but it was because I had already taken the ticket.When you take high-speed trains, try to arrive on time. High-speed trains wait for no one, and they can check your ticket into the station soon after you arrive, unlike ordinary trains, which often stop at a platform for a long time.There is little need to worry about seats on high-speed trains, but if you do get a no-seat ticket, you can actually check out the high-speed train dining car.If no one else is ordering at this hour, you can still take a break in the dining car.# # high iron

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