DOTA: Fought all over the world for today, and the 3rd legion commander is a brother!

Although I like the legion this hero, especially to the high attack after the legion played a very cool, thousands of power legion a knife a child, no matter you are god installed late eldest brother, what meat shield front row, a duel can single defense.But I would still say that this version of the Legion is a little brother number three.Legions of online ability, no doubt, good early plate, skills both landslide, or the storm and passive burst of courage is very severe, can choose according to the other party one hero flexible and can be either in the face of the one who can play, and most were achieved are easing the bit in line,Even if it is to face big saint or pat bear this kind of online strong big brother still won’t eat too much loss.But in today’s version, wide pros and cons to the line more depends on the level of both the strength of the soy sauce, once there auxiliary core will be in jail, no gap there 1 a good also dozen don’t leave a wild, no. 3 a corporations is afflictive disadvantage under the condition of forced busy die easily, and can’t go to dozen wild preemption single or a number of resources,Can only choose to gank with rhythm but not jump knife situation is difficult to fight first hand duel.But legionnaires is a hero so different from many of the other third-place heroes, this is a hero who needs his teammates to carry him.No line carrier or no solution, the bianconeri are very eat teammates fat middle need teammates is that in most cases. Do you have a high energy to help him to duel with attacks that the outbreak of the output, would like to make solution must jump cut out again, but the direct phase jump knife and are likely to be no output if you jump the duel seconds not to drop, damage not to say, their instead of being assisted dying.If the gear and the armband or blade mail first may drag too much, think again is don’t want to jump cut 15 minutes ago unless special fertilizer, this time often regiment war will begin, corporations will understand old when the former is more suitable to gank or small-scale encounters, is a 5 v5 group fighting compared to the other three difference is not a fragment,Can’t take damage and skills, except for single-hand duel, single point control is gone, far less than tidal Mars group control, there is no AOE damage skills if you say there is an overwhelming advantage, the early corps is basically only one level.The legion eats BKB very much, and it is usually the third item that needs to be replenished. There is rarely a chance for him to replenish items such as Heaven or dark extinction first, which leads to the legion’s lack of attributes and output and tends to fall into a more and more useless situation.Overall this is a very eat his hero, hero and not afraid of power across the meat, also especially afraid of each other have a backhand save points, in addition to helping the enemy method or the other more crispy squad particularly good, most of the bureau are hard to do something out of the pack with the rhythm is very difficult to control, give a careless it is white.

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