Don’t be too hard on Harden. How can he satisfy Blackie?Poor Harden

Don’t be too hard on Harden. How can he satisfy Blackie?Poor Harden If there are four levels of NBA players, all of his current teammates are basically four.You can’t play basketball alone. How many games did Lebron lose these days?You say harden can’t. What would the Nets look like if he didn’t play?If you think about it, you could lose by more than 40.Harden ran out of energy in the fourth quarter, and the Lakers double-teamed him and forced him to drive, making harden prone to turnovers.The lakers figured no one else in the Nets could handle the ball, and doubling Harden was like locking them up.It’s a whole different story if You have Ervin Adu on the court. He can handle the ball, he can play alone. Harden does his best, but it’s hard.Poor harden, although often spray harden, but the defeat really don’t blame the somebody else harden, Chou Chou the nets this squad, in addition to harden, basic no other independent offensive ability, only has the ability to adriano played only for a moment, and in addition to the mills and hanako, other basic shooting threat, can be said to be deformed, how many times the lakers double the harden,It’s enough to limit Harden. No one else can play the Lakers, the Nets aren’t playing properly, and they overdraft Harden.Some people don’t game, don’t know mistakes is how to harden, how many were teammates hands don’t get, every mistake can harden passing in repeated look, don’t say all mistakes teammates missed, but each at least 2-3, are free to take a look at this for black only see the data process can say his teammates a bit to the point, harden every two or three less error,Two or three more assists.Against the lakers, to catch up with only two points in the third quarter, the lakers double harden, harden error increases, then the nets others dare not to pitch the ball are diffident, helpless, brute! When Owen with durant joined, thought duran catastrophic injury after not line, himself is the main body, thought can fly durant,I didn’t realize that Durant was still the same as before, he was only the number two player, and then harden came along and made him no longer the number two player.So he’s always making things up.Harden was his age to be a champion, and he got screwed by Kyrie, who was always gone.Secondary contradictions Nash was pointed out that if the big three are easily win to have Steve Nash will be irrelevant, poor harden and Kevin durant, highest dream is to a championship, and Emmanuel adebayor, Owen really too disappointing in addition to the “big three” add mills playing time is stable, the rest of the people don’t know can’t play today, let alone start or as a substitute.Sometimes he started in the first half, not in the second half, or directly did not play in the second half, or directly did not play in the fourth quarter, but he still maintained his hand feeling, but these two games were obviously confused, the state is not stable, in fact, whoever goes to the Nets will be depressed, such arbitrary transfer, who has a good state of mind.Not everyone has a good mentality, play a few minutes will be good?Players also have to adjust, including you three giants and players are not familiar with it is not good?You don’t have a defense system, you play alone offensively, and you still can’t stabilize it. Hit a hammer, Nash.

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