Hunan SATELLITE TV is not easy this Spring Festival, cooperate with Zhihu to do something?

Many people have given up the idea of watching the Spring Festival Gala, in addition to the alternative entertainment projects more, the important reason is that now the variety show is too old, no new ideas, no connotation, will only make some sensationist jokes, or burst one or two golden sentences, so that can not keep the audience.In order to break this strange phenomenon, Hunan TV cooperated with Zhihu to create a unique party, skillfully integrating knowledge into the party, in the form of asking and answering, let people learn knowledge in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, increase their knowledge, can be said to be suitable for all ages.There will no longer be the embarrassment of a family not being able to sit together and watch the same show.The strong combination of Zhihu and Hunan TV gives full play to their respective advantages. One has loyal audience and the other has a strong knowledge base. This idea hits the spot and is sure to win the audience’s favor.It is understood that Wang Yuan, Da Zhang Wei, Liu Yuxin, Li Ronghao, Li Yugang, Xu Li, NAME, Pang Bo will perform on the stage.This program is full of new ideas, zhihu answer Adventure Night 2022, has been scheduled on January 30, that is, 28 PM of the twelfth lunar month, hunan TV, Mango TV, Zhihu App broadcast at that time, like friends do not miss it.Besides entertainment stars, another aspect is some athletes also came to the scene, a Tokyo Olympic Games women’s epee sun article, Chinese women’s short track speed skating four games gold medalist wang meng, Chinese figure skating world champion zhang, Chinese women’s short track speed skating champion zhou, they will bring their efforts behind the inspirational story, ordinary people bring some encouragement for us.A special interactive page has been set up on Zhihu, where users can discuss curious questions, especially the popular question on Zhihu, for example, “How good was Wang Meng, a short track speed skater in his peak?”In fact, those Olympic champions and ordinary people, also experienced confusion, helplessness and pain, the difference is that they persevered.”It is understood that the 2022 Zhihu Answer Adventure Night is broadcast under the name of, co-sponsored by Dongfeng Honda Inpi and Haier Sanyibird, and supported by 5G designated partner China Mobile.”They’re there to protect us. They’re really strong.Variety shows have passed their golden period and are facing unprecedented challenges. All kinds of videos are diverting users, and users have more choices. Only good content can retain audiences’ hearts.Radio and television insist that they should no longer use handsome boys or flamboyant legs to guide teenagers, but use inspirational and positive programs to guide them on the right path of life.Hunan TV has set a good example for other TV stations. It is a good trend to take the lead in creating question-and-answer programs about knowledge. Zhihu has always enjoyed high popularity, but it is a little simple.

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