Life of growth

Man is a special animal, whether it is the age of increasing days and people’s longevity, or the increase of knowledge, or the poor are alone, to achieve the world’s moral growth, are always in the process of continuous growth.Life is like rowing against the current. If you do not advance, you will fall back. How to deal with the simultaneous growth of age, knowledge and skills, so as not to waste time and grow old in vain?Time is like a wave downstream, skill and character are like ships upstream.The former fleeting, the latter but step by step to pay hardships and efforts.After leaving the army, he gradually relaxed his requirements for learning and self-cultivation.Addicted to cell phones and TV dramas every day.As the saying goes: sow melons, sow beans, reap beans, as for the end is a melon or beans to see our own.The pace of time will not stop, we also have to arrange their own growth, so that they have a full and successful journey of life.

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