NBA Celebrity game: The Olympic champion staged a one-arm slam, the king’s daughter to fight, notian king to watch

NBA All-Star weekend is coming, today is the beginning of the All-Star Celebrity Game, from the name is not difficult to see, this game is all some celebrities, the courtside is also like clouds of big names, Novo king came to the scene to watch the game, the two teams are respectively Walton and Wilkins.Let’s take a look at the Walton team, which includes Indian actor Lanweil Singh, female Internet star Brittany Alana, former NBA player Anderson Varejao, white rapper Machine Gun Kelly, professional skateboarder Nia Houston, WNBA player Hamby and so on.Look at Wilkins, Cleveland’s mayor Justin – than cloth, the rapper jack – harlow, Tokyo Olympic Games high jump champion AnJiaLi bailey, king the boss’s daughter, is no stranger to AnJiaLi believe many fans, she with ultra high levels on the Internet is very fire, harlem basketball player in Cleveland, Mr Jackson,Former NBA player Daniel Gibson and so on.The two teams have played the first half, Wharton team strength is obvious higher than Wilkins team, they are 31-15 Wilkins, after the match began, bailey cut layup successful, AnJiaLi scored a goal, because there is no coordination, the scene is played very confusion, the first quarter after Walton 11:4 Wilkins leading teams.The second quarter went from bad to worse for Wiggins, who scored only eight points in the quarter to Walton’s 20.The most exciting ball in the first half of the game came from Tokyo Olympic High jump champion Tambelli, from the performance can be seen, Tambelli’s play is very good, Wilkins team missed the three-point shot, Tambelli dropped from the sky to perform a one-arm dunk, this ball is basically the best goal of the game.

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