Three aerial history, the rebirth of the success or failure of the family, has been a straight, who knows but defeated the heyday

Recently, many fans do not know what books to read, unwittingly fell into the situation of book shortage, as an old fan xiaobian to this is the same.Today xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to book fans, let book fans watch addictions do not sleep in minutes!If you are optimistic, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today small make up recommends to everybody: 3 historical article on air, reborn family of success or failure, all the time loser is straightforward, who knows to be defeated however sheng Shi first “towering ambition” author: fat cat all country’s rivers and rivers introduce: big man should have towering ambition, freely and freely the world, happy and romantic.Help dangerous economic difficult, music creation book;The thief to save his father, cao Lu shou filial piety;Collect solitary education, advice to extermination locust;By Hulu, fu people, weimin party.Guide into the pit: Zhang Yin do not want to understand it is no longer to think, and will focus on the identity of the boy Lang.Tong Zi Lang actually belongs to the tong Zi section of the official selection system of the Han Dynasty. Some young people who pass the Classics can take the examination of this section, but of course more are to check or renzi.In the Law of Han dynasty, “Decree of Appointing Sons”, it was once stipulated that any official who had served more than 2,000 stones for three years could be appointed as a son or brother.Zhang Yin’s ancestor Zhang Kan was named as “Holy Boy”, which means he was named as tong Zi Lang.Zang Hong, a new friend of Zhang Yin, borrowed Yin’s father’s help and became a boy boy.However, Zhang Yin and they are not the same, he is a special case, in order to imprison the identity of the offer of locust eradication policy won worship boy Lang, want to the Han country is only one case, can not be copied.In Zhang’s opinion, it doesn’t matter whether he can become an official or not, but he won’t turn down an opportunity to serve as an official.Anyway, Zhang Yin knew that after a few years, the chaos of the yellow turban would inevitably be lifted.Even if not, who will care about imprisonment at that time?Zhang Yin won the worship of boy Lang, so that Lu Zhi was very happy.His disciples have both literary and military skills, is the country’s talent, if has not been an official, abandoned in the countryside between the pity.Now that I’m a boy boy, I don’t have to worry about it anymore.(click below free reading) the second “Tang dynasty: the opening is li Ereavesdropping aspirations” author: Jue three ye introduce: pass through tang Dynasty, become li Yin of the liang King of eight years old, want to sign quietly originally, the result was li Ersend troops to catch up, some greeting ancestor, was li Ereavesdropping aspirations unexpectedly?”Your Majesty, today there are several major tribes in The Turkic alliance. Why don’t we establish an alliance by marriage?”Pit guide: “I’m sorry little brother, I don’t live up to my spirit, but for my words, little brother can go to a lot of fun places, I’m sorry…”Looking at the little girl vomited diarrhea, but still a strong self-reproach appearance, Li Yin a burst of love, immediately say: “good, play when can, your body is so uncomfortable, or go back early.””Besides, if it weren’t for your company, I would be so boring. Besides, we have been to a lot of places these days. Besides, since we have been away from Chang ‘an for so long, my father would have sent someone to carry messages by pigeon for several times.This period of time, Li Shimin is indeed continuous flying pigeon message, but are some basic greetings.Of course, the implication was to get back to Chang ‘an as soon as possible.Changsun pingting heard this, it was a sigh of relief.”Well, you have a good rest first, don’t think so much, soon we will reach the city of Chang ‘an.”Li Yin comfort road, Changsun pingting nodded, obedient closed his eyes.Carriage travel on the official road, because Li Yin has improved the carriage, so the carriage does not have too much turbulence, the relatively smooth running.(click below to read for free) the third “Song Dynasty wastrel” author: Food big league introduction: three empty historical text, the rebirth of success or failure of the family, has been a loser straight, who knows but lost sheng Shiren zong Jing you first year, the song dynasty this celebrity, everywhere prosperous era.The peace of Tokyo has been shattered by a powerful, malevolent bastard.From then on, the Song Dynasty opened a different flourishing age…Guide into the pit: “Chen Lin, ask about the owner of this house, the za bought.”Zhao Zhen pointed to that house.Shi Xiaofan big urgent, this special yao a house more than ten thousand, want to rob money.”Well, well, I have earned a little, and you have also gained a lot from the charcoal.”Shi Xiaofan is desperate.Cho laughed and used the lasers used by Cho, saying, “See? You have to wait, ha ha ha.”Zhao Yag doesn’t know it, no wonder he spends so much money that he spends it often.”Brother, he earned his own money.You are the son of Heaven. How can you compete with the people for benefits?”Zhaozhen one leng, he did not think of his sister’s elbow to turn out: “he is what people, you do not know this boy liulichang got how much money, say I do not believe.”Shi Xiaofan cool heart, over, this bad king is certainly know.”Two hundred,” zhao Zhen looked around, low voice way: “two million penetration, he this is to god!”Zhao Yi is also surprised, the imperial tax is only 40 million yuan a year, he earned 2 million yuan only a glazed tile factory, this is too scary.Shi Xiaofan hidden airtight, he did not know how Zhao Zhen know.Well, now that I know, I must be asking for money.”Ok, six son calculate you malicious, say, want how much?”Shi Xiaofan wants to cry, bad king!The naked king!(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. What would you like to say to the editor?At the end of the article comments below the message area, small make up can see oh, look forward to your message ~ past wonderful content review: three invincible flow fantasy novels, reinsamination immortal awakening emperor soul, vow to return to the peak, invincible world three aerial historical novels, this is spiritual food, “Celebrate more years” on the list!Three historical articles on air, came to the troubled times at the end of sui Dynasty, he personally participated in them, where history will go three classical fairy novels, step the sky broken reincarnation, spring to the ancient dry, arrogant!Three classical xiuxian text, waste youth can not practice, have an adventure to repair alternative work, into the creation of god

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