Wonderful work!A Woman in Beijing tried to flush the toilet by letting her husband pour cat litter down the toilet, only to have it blocked

Some days ago, Netizens in Beijing shared a video.A woman who let her husband try to flush her cat’s litter down the toilet was left with a huge jam after it became too sticky to flush.In the video, the woman’s husband can be seen criticizing her as she cleans up a toilet filled with cat litter that has been stirred to a pulp.What is he accusing of?Accusing the woman of duping him into doing such a stupid thing.The woman, who was filming a video next to her, deflected responsibility and said she was just joking, but her husband believed her.Judging by their words and deeds, they knew what they were doing was wrong, but they were not ashamed of the blockage.”If you don’t scoop it up and dump it, it’s really bad luck to meet such a neighbor, and it’s also bad luck for the landlord to meet such a tenant.””I feel sad for their downstairs, especially the first and second floors. Sand is the easiest way to block pipes, and it is not easy to dredge them. Once blocked, water will pour into the first and second floors.””Quality is really, how hard is it to put it in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash?My family has had it for five or six years, just packing it up and throwing it in the trash.”Objectively speaking, in fact, the couple was just lazy at the beginning, not intentionally doing bad things, it can be said that they did something wrong without consciousness.It is just that I did not know before I made the mistake, but I still did not realize the seriousness of the matter after I made the mistake. I still took a relaxed attitude and even recorded the video proudly to upload it to the Internet.I want to ask, what about quality?Face?What do you think?

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