“Celebrate the Winter Olympics with Spring Festival” Exhibition of Famous Poets and Books (Poetry)

The 2022 Lunar New Year holiday coincides with the hosting of the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, emphasizing that “The Beijing Winter Olympic Games are a major landmark event at an important historical juncture in China.”To welcome the New Year and celebrate the Winter Olympics, the modernization of our great motherland is advancing with each passing day, and the main theme of the new era is happiness and well-being of people of all ethnic groups.Participants (in no particular order) :01- Li Shaoqing 02- Liao Binyu 03- Zhai Renyi 04- Cheng Liangbao 05- Zhou Jianguang 06- Kang Zhifeng 07- Jiao Qundui 08- Lu Jian 09- Lu Mingtong 10- You Shigan 11- Wang Shengcheng 12- Liu Jiecheng 13- Feng Yuancheng 14- He Shan 15- Wang Guoqiang 16- Lu Mingqing 17- Xue Qingchao18- Zhang Jianguo 19- Nan Vision 20- Zhang Guilin 21- Li Fencheng 22- Guan Yu 23- Ma Shuangxi 24- Kang Cheng 25- Li Yanliang 26- Wang Jun 27- Yang Guangqing 28- Cao Qingyuan 29- Ouyang Dachun 30- Zhang Chuan 31- Lu Zhixue 32- Liu Guocun 33- Deng Renquan 34- Chen Huaci 35- ZhouQiang 36- Zhang Leigang 37- Cui Shifeng 38- Zhang Bang – yi 39- Chen Yi – Zhu 40- Wang Yan – Li Shaoqing (Beijing) “The Light of winter Olympics” concentric fight against the epidemic, mankind to peace winter Olympics Zhangjiakou, the world looks to Beijing.Liao Binyu (Guizhou province) “He Winter Olympics Shenzhou Jia Hui” day line constant, dragon horse potential flying.People as this, wen Chang and martial.With dry capital thick, weak than strong.All nations jia Hui, Shenzhou Daoguang.Zhai Renyi (Shaanxi province) poetry two (a) “pay tribute to the anti-epidemic pioneers” a call to ask who first, in the face of the plague demon raised fists.I swore to the hammer and sickle, the badge flashing on my chest.(two) “Partridge day, New Year shuhuai” ao Xuemei opened a New Year, ox quit tiger yue Ren Chun.Flowers and thoughts bloom without trace, ice melt clear flow should be sound.Know the mission, keep the original intention, revitalize zhiwei courageously forward.Spread plain paper incense ink, do not believe dongfeng is not emotional.Cheng Liangbao (Shaanxi Province) poetry two (1) “In praise of The Beijing Winter Olympics” Winter Olympics Beijing stage, qionghua Li Gao just fly.Five rings hand in hand with you and me, cast concentric toward the future.(two) partridge days • Congratulations on the opening of the Winter Olympics in Beijing twice five ring Yao Beijing, the Spring Festival of flowers.Male eyebrow hyperactive rub fist palm, female enchanting bright eyes.High and low ratio, second minute contention, the medal list to write pride.After all, the field of heroes, heroes show skills.Zhou Jianguang (Shanghai) “Seven Verses” Blastments high, dance Yan Song Tai Kang ballad 藛.The global fight against COVID-19 is winning.Kang Zhifeng (Shaanxi Province) “Spring Greeting thoughts” Qiankun turns one hundred years change, west falls east rises big trend cuts cattle.A good man loves another; a thief invites a thief.The Tiger Roar and the Ling universe shock, dragon royal space well-being.Ten thousand households happy New Year to, Shenzhou Together happy zha.The Ox bids farewell to the old year and the tiger roars to welcome the new.In addition to the illness, welcome the Winter Olympics.Lu Jian (Henan Province) two poems (1) “View the Sea” if you can accomplish everything in your heart, why not sail to nine days.To borrow three hundred measures of elixine, to banish the virus from all nations.Thus the world without grief, but also make the family full circle.Attachment is hard to leave the old year, full of expectations to welcome the New Year.(two) “to the Winter Olympics” and the ice field, indomitable fighting glory.If the fist corrects the dragon and lion, lift the foot spirit such as phoenix bird xiang.Strive for the world kai, leave no force brave to bear.Carry forward the Olympic spirit, faster and higher reputation.Lu Mingtong (Hebei province) “To the Winter Olympics,” the country’s national fortunes such as xia ribbon all over the sky, the five ring flags are gorgeous.The world atlas gather canglong ground, each show yingzi for yi Pian.You Shigan (Yunnan Province) The Winter Olympics are celebrated in Beijing in the Year of the Tiger.Hand in hand to create a community, skiers spread good news.Wang’s life (Gansu Province) “The Spring Festival” December farmhouse music, New Year’s Eve ancestor worship.Red allied yingziqi, salute fengnian.Liu Jiecheng (Beijing) In Praise of a Community with a Shared Future The Party is like the rising sun on the road, reform and opening up a new day.Learn Chinese and foreign through ancient and modern, finishing the Gospel.Build a community with a shared future for mankind and wake up hundreds of millions of dream-seekers!On a cold night, the wind blew hard and white catfish flew all over the sky.Early winter ruixue embellish soul, lithe poetic landscape.Event Beijing and Zhang hand in hand, the ancient capital double Honor.Dragon teng Hu Yue see qunying, laughing song celebrate.Snow and ice with five rings, and wind blowing smile.Friendship leaves happy flower, golden wine is filled.Qunying exhibition youth, gorgeous color charming eyes.Valiant fight qi dream round, drum song far.Spring breeze green willow bud, night dream son return home.Play tong Yan Yue, singing and laughing.Worry free body foreign affairs, xi Xi xi xi.I hope tomorrow morning, the heart sitting flat flowers.Wang Guoqiang (Beijing) “fighting the epidemic feeling” winter cold did not do obstacles chunhui, jubilee reunion is willing to breach.Blood to foot flow all righteousness, disease from the mouth does not return.Ying Ying white body line love, green and fragrant fight epidemic wei.Medical country east boat is not to go, tiger roaring forest brocade Xiaffei.Lv Mingming (Shandong Province) “Celebrate the Winter Olympics” firecrackers sound to celebrate the Winter Olympics, ice athletes in the snow qiao.Jiangshan magnificent Chinese red, spring breeze haodang sun.Xue Qingchao (Beijing) “Celebrate the Winter Olympics” Chinese New Year, athletes around the world.The land of China has been well-off, the center of the world closer.Zhang Jianguo (Shaanxi Province) auspicious snow welcome spring Jade Tiger auspicious, silver Olympic proud East.Four seas of China to celebrate the New Year, the world five states long friendship.South vision (Sichuan province) “Winter Olympics Shuhuai” baishang flying snow thousands of miles white, long slope short path cloud open.Five continents sing the Olympic song together, crossing the sky to the future.The Spring Festival is in the dead of winter, and the proud plum blossom is smiling.Cattle retired qingfu enjoy, tiger green passion strong.The development of China today prosperous, East Asia off like a dragon.National transport heng Tong qi advance together, the revival of the road fierce charge.(two) “the partridge day, Renyin spring” the age of cattle to accept the head, the peach charm pleasing to the eye bird throat.Snow fly close to the end of the year, Mei dance feeling soft shengyi stay.With the celebration, a toast, beautiful early spring outing.Thunder awakens green new dream, cutting thousands of leaves thick.Li Fencheng (Guangdong province) “Double Olympics Beijing dream Taiwan” The Winter Olympics, flowers, applause and smiling face open.The ice and snow life is wonderful.Higher, stronger and faster, united for the future.Friendship more than gold medal heavy, double Olympic Beijing dream Taiwan.Guan Yu (Shanxi Province) “Renyin Ci” two zero two, the Lunar calendar Renyin.Yin Tiger year, the United States time.Tiger said auspicious beast, god-given.Colorful clothes, escape peerless.His head is heavy and his eyes are bright.A roar of ground, all the animals shivered.Two xiao Zhendan, mountain and river huan xin.The tiger has a strong wind, the tiger has a bully strength.The tiger has courage, the tiger has spirit.Tiger spirit tiger power, expensive can encourage others.The year of the Tiger has been full of strong riring.Beijing Winter Olympics, happy spring gate.China is moving forward and the world is moving forward.The age of Ren Yin, minutes such as gold!Ma Shuangxi (Shanghai) “Welcome Renyin to celebrate the Winter Olympics” tiger roar dragon Yin sihai Wei, double welcome the revival of the country.Snow ice athletes lightly dance, jing crown the world ding Jia Hui.Kang Cheng (Shanghai), “Nanxiang zi, Beijing Winter Olympics wishes” (Cilin Zhengyun) approaching the age of Yin.Dynamic flood for the New Year.Gather in Beijing hi snow array.The good faith.The four seas sing the Winter Olympics.Li Yanliang (Hebei Province) “Yingti Preface · Beijing Winter Olympic Games Reverie” Severe wind at this time, causing the red dust environment.Winter Olympics, athletes Ling Fei, just can compete events.Willow bank, cold wind man roar, Zhangjiakou high mountain.Remember leisurely years, time thought-provoking.Hundreds of tall buildings, thousands of miles of ice and snow, overlooking clouds galloping.Grass color far, spring hazy, willow shushuying.There are the capital, charming youth, sunshine, Tian ‘anmen saint.Plum blossom, fragrance qing Jia, dyed smoked market well.Green pine cui MAO, verdant bamboo, music is in the wind.Hui cao xiu, jun Jiao infinite, good reputation, tender lingering, abnormal longing.Cong Lanli, fragrant xin Yi, pastoral wit natural, read ploughing, ripe fengchangjing.Qiaolin Charming, panhuan green mountains, low carbon ecology.Guanhe strange, romantic characters, praise bitian Liang Ding.Practice mission, red flag leading.Splendid without the end, characteristics of light, and equality.Elite fierce sharp, jiabang dream, space exploration to find too beginning, cross spirit xiao, ferial beginning heart bingbing.Beautiful moonlight, like a side, intoxicated.Wang Jun (Shaanxi Province) “Seven Rules: National Conditions of Winter Olympics exhibition” More than seven years after the preparation of the Winter Olympics, snow and ice athletes gather together.Beijing linkage Zhangjiakou, the Olympic sports career stage again.Fourteen years ago, the grand event was held, but today it is even more exciting.Throughout the world economy is slow, only China strides forward.Yang Guangqing (Shandong Province) “Exercise drives Epidemic Prevention” village and urban and rural closed loop construction, epidemic prevention and control can not be delayed.New and old friends read the cultural Centre when it opens.Winter Olympics grand gathering celebrate reunion, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival gather Beijing Huan.Athletes do not forget, strong exercise for another year.Cao Qingyuan (Hebei province) two poems (a) “Five unique · China to destroy the record of the fever” (new rhyme) crown hidden silent, the world stirred peace.Shenzhou three swords flash, cut off the plague insect.(2) “Wave In The Sand — 2021 Novel Coronavirus” is a turn of the night moon with clouds looming.The heart moves with the wind and the epidemic area.Like a dream, no matter who is the guest, the heartstrings.Doctors rise before the retrograde.The wall is better than the winter cold.The sword of gold eye ward off disease, safe tomorrow.Ouyang Dachun (Guizhou Province) “Seven Laws: A Tour of Hunan Tongdao County feeling”, the wind and the sun, bright and rosy, Meng Summer tour of Tongdao County.Art center dance xian, suburban scenery luofeng dazzled.Rippling mountains, mist floating thousands of zhangdian.Read the Red Army meeting site huai, poem fu empty mountain relatives.The ice is strong and the tiger is strong, the snow is strong and the spring breeze is strong.Only wish all the masters, champion more peak.Lu Zhixue (Henan Province) “Message to Beijing Winter Olympics Chinese athletes” four years to cast a sword, once try to display one’s talent.Raise eyebrow brandish niu qi, recruit now tiger wind.Jump body snow, fly to break the ice.Laugh ao strong hand, dash chase yong gong.Liu Guocun (Henan Province) two poems (1) “Seven laws • Winter Olympics spring” cattle ready for spring farming, rens and tigers march, winter Olympics gathered yanjing.Taofu replacement good news celebration, smiling Jinmei yuxue entangle.Li Ming demon Xinjiang sea trouble, hero yu Halberd bao Huan ying.Kill the plague won the banner exhibition, mash strong hun Xin he started.(two) “Seven laws • New Year” frozen wax tail Shenzhou xing, jade tiger probe mei step age.The steamer is called by the fire.The bowl is full of sweet ears, and the dish is full of meat and spicy.Firecrackers sound and light spoon lift, smell chicken congratulations.Deng Renquan (Chongqing) “Spring color time and Space” (a) ring the bell to bid farewell to the old year, lanterns put color to fight for Ming.Firecrackers broke the frost and a spring breeze accompanied me.Every family raises a glass when the bell rings.But for the wind and rain, only to lu Fu return.Invite month to adjust liquor, surprised spring show smile fei.Purple smoke drive dreams, calendar zhaohui.Chen Huaci (Sichuan Province) welcome the Winter Olympics.Broussonetia gongqiao Peng wings, red flag anthem beautiful flying.Jin Yongze (Xinjiang) in praise of the Winter Olympic Masters in the past there were heroes dragon and tiger list, now there are the Olympic field.Ten years a sword put hao Light, a hundred thousand skills competition busy.Gold and silver for the motherland, five star’s tears.China off the world, a great country yi East.Zhou Qiang (Beijing)The commitments in the spring, when the genial sunshine pouring on the germination of the earth even lost temper the wind cannot block connect footstep sonorous came to this fertile land is you want to the provisions of the winter or respond to people expect eyes perhaps only has the ripples of the lake and the ducks on the lake to be read you heart in fact that compose full branches huaguduo has told me you were with the bushNovel Coronavirus: Salute to the Reverting Heroes of the VirusWhen I woke up in the morning, the first thing that popped up on my phone was lockdown.Time, AD, December 23, 2021, zero hour.Coordinates, Xi ‘an, China.Seal a city, seal a city, protect a nation.Epidemic area, namely battlefield.It is you who warn others not to go as far as possible, but you tell your family resolutely ask for orders, the thin body retrograde in the lifeline, and the first line of medical personnel go together, and the race against time.Just after the winter solstice, heroes gather.Rushed to Xi ‘an to help, between life and death, build a bridge, for the sake of the people’s life and health, personal life and death regardless, build a strong line of defense, this is the Chinese spirit!In the battlefield without smoke, you are retrograde heroes!Zhuang zai!White warrior!Come on xi ‘an!A ray of Sunshine in Winter by Cui Shifeng (Shandong Province) A ray of sunshine in winter, not too much, flowers will open to you, birds will sing for you.A ray of sunshine in winter, not too much, can dissolve my melancholy, warm my heart.A ray of sunshine in winter, do not need too much, will disperse the long night, usher in the dawn!Zhang Bangyi (Guizhou province) “Times of Youth” is the flying of your youth condensed wisdom of rain with infatuation and sweat pouring that piece……The land of rural revitalization kissed all over the mountain mulberry leaves kissed out of the Silk Age Beauty is your feelings of youth without regret years with hardships and struggles paved that…The revitalization of the way to get rich you affectionate smile intoxicated with age youth drunken beauty mountains compose Wu Hongbin (Vienna, Austria) “ChuGuang winter jasmine” jinniu courageously hoof, mist gathers fruit harvest and endure pain and hurt again and again sealing city suspension only looking from a distance and warmth of screen relate to struggling over and over again in the leave and return time, going to stumble breeze whistling,Flow with long winter nights sudden GouGou KanKan flood plague seems to be more than the past, contributed to the confusion vicissitudes of life new crown old virus is not yet over, “Mr Mick Dijon” mutant strains have become many people face shenglisibie, whose brave through the dusty, built-in light freed limpid love with courage and hope to discuss the blood hot, all the way forward, the sonorous enthusiasm,Confident, humble, gentle, and kind the victorious race will rise in the face of snow and ice, warm in the heart of spring, bright as the stars we are all working hard to shine in our respective positions.To meet every sunrise Chen Yi bamboo (Beijing) “spring” of the spring and winter cold winds fine smell in the air seems to have little stars warm, gentle spring smell smell out, see see catch live spring’s branches showing small bud of spring is the spring breeze stroke of light temperature is alongside dusk birds over a rainy night bright Bai Tiankong sent the silk sunset wang yan (Beijing) in my home.In China, I am a flower in full bloom on the land of China — a Tianshan snow lotus, a Southern peony, a Taipei azalea, a Hong Kong redbud…I am a drop of water flowing in the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers — a drop of mother’s milk, a string of father’s blood and tears, a trackers’ song…I am a snowflake on the top of the Himalayas — an ideal seed, a holy soul, mysterious, elegant and spotless to inspire Chinese people to climb mountainsI am a bird flying in the blue sky, unable to fly in the bosom of a nun. The smoke of the village calls me home for food. On the plate is my favorite turpan green grapes, flat grain and peach.In China, I am a pine tree stands at the top of mount tai never fall I am busy I witness the stone lions in the Summer Palace in one thousand is the divine comedy of northwestern herders mouth singing great river north and south Tibet when I am in the hands of hadad the truth to my motherland is a red flag with five stars on a scarlet I was totally loyal to the people’s national anthem and curling out of a seed germinate in nine million six hundred thousand kilometers of landBlossom and bear fruit My roots are in China my home is in China my heart is always tied to China I love you China I love your mother

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