Liu Shishi holiday large too bright eye, wearing gauze vest interpretation of early spring classic, the key temperament is outstanding

On February 6, in the last day of vacation, Cecilia liu studio on social platform drying out of the holiday Cecilia liu tidbits glossing, Cecilia liu in the spring under the lens shape, wearing voluminous hair is to create elegant and intellectual fan, well set off a sweet girl style, contracted style is still create beautiful temperament, even with your eyes closed is the goddess of fan.First, Liu Shishi early spring style wear guide fashion keywords: tulle elements;Printing elements;Small vest;Now the beginning of spring, so many little sisters also more or less began to prepare for the early spring wear modeling, the general early spring wear style is mostly based on shirts, cardigans and other fashion items, after all, early spring to consider the weather factors.In the collocation of early spring style can be given priority to with suits, suits not only save time, and pay attention to modelling integration, better foil temperament and beauty.Liu Shishi chose shirt collocation for this group of modeling, and made use of suit element design, which would make the overall look create a high-level sense and integration, better show temperament and beauty. Under the simple style, it is still full of goddess style.02 modelling highlight 2: use gauze element to create aesthetic feeling is like concealed in collocation suits elements, colour and design as a whole are single, so is the need to merge in the overall look fashionable element, the use of fashionable element to match, so can not only enrich modelling also can set off the beauty, make modelling more delicate, show a beautiful temperament elegant deduce van at the same time.Liu Shishi’s body modeling is combined with gauze elements to match, gauze elements to create a hidden beauty, to create a mysterious atmosphere, but also make the modeling outline modern and playful fan, using a hidden style to create a sexy and beautiful fan.03 modelling point three: use printing element modelling is rich, make a girl feel except in in this body modelling gauze element, Cecilia liu also combined with printing element to match, combined with printing element under the outline, both can produce sweet age fan, but also can enrich the overall look, deduce the girl fan shape aesthetic feeling at the same time.The use of printing elements to better show the delicate beauty, deduce the elegant yuan fan.04 modelling highlights four: the combination of small waistcoat to create a strong effect in this body modelling into printing and tulle two elements, it is to make the modelling to shape a light and clever effect, can create a fairy floating.However, in the collocation of modelling to learn to neutralize, Liu Shishi this group of modelling is the use of a small vest to form a tough style, to create a cool sa female fan, also can foil out of urban beauty aura.Also in the holiday photos, Liu Shishi is for us to create a sweet girlish style, this temperament really fits her too, very good display of beauty and delicate sense.Two, Liu Shishi sweet wind modeling wear guide fashion keywords: baby collar;Pleated element;01 modelling highlight 1: use baby collar to create age reducing fan in this dress collocation, Liu Shishi is to choose the baby collar to match, the set off of the baby collar not only added modelling age reducing and sweet fan, but also can make the whole look to shape an elegant intellectual fan, using wide eaves of the baby collar set off, reveal an intellectual girl fan.02 modelling highlight 2: combined with pleated elements with the overall look rich dress collocation, Cecilia liu has opted to use pleated element to match, pleated elements under the foil of fan is create a sweet girl, especially on the basis of the original can enrich modelling, create a nifty girl fan, to show the elegant and intellectual temperament, make a celebrity fan.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, such as infringement, contact to delete.Prohibit plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!

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