Notification of the movements of two novel Coronavirus asymptomatic infected persons in Hebi city in Zhengzhou

On 31 March 2022, following the letter of Assistance from Hebi city, liu xx and Li XX, two novel Coronavirus asymptomatic infected persons in Hebi City, stayed in Zheng on 30 March and were transferred to a centralized quarantine point by Hebi City.The Municipal epidemic prevention and control Headquarters immediately activated the emergency response mechanism, and promptly carried out epidemic control, detection, elimination, isolation and other related work.After epidemiological investigation, the main activity tracks of the two people in Our city are reported as follows:Liu mou, Li mou on March 29 16:17 together by Z40 (16 carriage) from Shanghai to Zhengzhou, March 30 2:08 to Zhengzhou Railway station east square underground parking lot, about 10:00 liu xx to parity special products supermarket (east side of the railway station east square, the same below) shopping,From 10:02 to 10:18, they had dinner in Sunshine Snacks (north of Sunshine Snacks supermarket). At 10:18, 15:00, 17:15 and 20:00, they respectively went to the public toilet next to Sunshine Snacks. At 17:17, Li went shopping in Sunshine Snacks supermarket (north of Sunshine Snacks supermarket).At about 20:08, they went shopping together at parities specialty supermarket and Parities supermarket, then returned to the underground parking lot of east Square, and were transferred to the centralized quarantine point by Hebi City at 21:00.In order to effectively protect the health of the general public, citizens who have the same activities as the above-mentioned people in the same time period and relevant places are reminded to report to local communities or epidemic prevention and control departments immediately, and cooperate with the relevant measures such as nucleic acid testing and quarantine control.If you have fever, cough and other symptoms, please go to the nearby fever clinic immediately, wear a mask during the whole process, do not take public transportation, and actively inform the medical staff of the relevant contact information.Once again, the general public is reminded that the current situation of the epidemic is grim and complex in the whole country and the whole province, and imported risks always exist. Therefore, the prevention and control work should not be slackened. They should consciously abide by the provisions of the prevention and control of the epidemic, do not believe or spread rumors, and strengthen the awareness of personal protection.In coordination with the epidemic prevention and control measures, such as scanning codes, temperature measurement, wearing masks, gathering less, going out less, and one-meter noodles, the booster vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine should be completed as soon as possible, so as to jointly build an immune barrier.Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Hotline :0371-12320 Zhengzhou COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office, April 1, 2022

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