Pig prices rebounded after falling, vegetable prices remained high, egg prices fell again and again, down 40 percent, grain prices

The Lantern Festival is coming, and people are in a jubilant mood.After all, in addition to the Spring Festival, only the Lantern Festival can make people more affectionate, let family harmony and love!Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival. One thing you can’t miss is watching the CCTV Lantern Festival party. Of course, families get together, eat, drink and have fun.However, people love food and wine, but in recent days, the price of agricultural and sideline products really let a person at a loss.Recently, the market basket also appeared a lot of changes, such as all kinds of vegetable prices, egg prices, pig prices, sheep prices, grain prices have different changes.The recent drop in egg prices, in particular, has delighted consumers and saddened farmers.In addition, the change in vegetable prices has made bosses overjoyed and consumers worried.Pig prices recovered after falling, vegetable prices remained high, egg prices fell again and again, down 40 percent, what about grain prices?Pig prices have been up and down recently, just like the stock market. Since the beginning of February, pig prices have surged, then dipped, then plunged, and then recovered.Speaking of this, is not associated with the curve of the heart, really a sigh.After the Spring Festival, pigs as a whole showed a downward trend, and a big decline, a week cumulative decline of 11%.Rough calculation, the net profit of farmers also shrank 175 yuan or so.In addition, the wholesale meat market was also vulnerable. The price of white pork was 16.20 yuan per kg, down 3.35 yuan per kg compared with a week ago, and the accumulative decline was 17.23 percent.With prices so vulnerable, authorities have introduced a “stockpiling” program to stem the decline and limit losses for farmers.Sure enough, from today’s market point of view, there is a rising trend across the country, mainly in the north, many land pig prices floating red.This makes farmers overjoyed and excited to finally see pig prices after falling back.From the detailed data, the national average price of live pigs today is 12.32 yuan per kilogram, changed to rise 0.05 yuan.Although the increase is small, but even so, also let farmers reduce a lot of losses.North China rose by 0.2-0.3 yuan, while northeast China rebounded by 0.2-0.3 yuan. Northwest China rose and fell again, among which Shaanxi rose by 0.2 yuan.East China is relatively stable, among which Shandong rose 0.2 yuan.Central China rose 0.1-0.2 yuan, quoted at 12.1 yuan per kilogram.However, the southwest was unusual, down 0.1-0.3 yuan, quoted 11.1-12.6 yuan per kilogram.For this round of pig price rise, first, the early decline is too big, farmers have to continue to save, resulting in slaughterers can not receive, have to raise the price.In addition, slaughterers in Sichuan, Hubei and Ningxia have started the purchase and storage plan, which also supports pig prices.Today, the price of meat has gone up and down, but the price of vegetables has gone straight to the bottom and is now high.These days, those who pay attention to vegetable prices must be scared by a vegetable, right?Netizens call it the “Hermes” of the vegetable world, and this is the Chinese toon.Recently, many netizens reported on the Internet that Chinese toon leaves are being sold at vegetable farms in Nanjing, with the price reaching a staggering 160 yuan per kilogram.The price of most fresh Chinese toon leaves also exceeds 100 yuan/kg.Today, other vegetable prices are also going up, the tomato in the solaner vegetable prices, which rose in red fruit tomato, whether boutique tomato or unified goods, rose 0.50 yuan/catty, rose to 5 yuan per catty, compared with before, it can be said is high.Cucumbers, loofah, cucumbers and other cucumbers rose slightly, up 0.5-1 yuan per catty.In the pepper category, millet rose the most, 2.25 yuan/jin higher than yesterday, reaching a staggering 46 yuan per jin.Beans, vegetables and leafy vegetables showed a rising trend, among which beans, vegetables rose in price.Among them, rack bean king, long bean corner, white kidney bean icon rose by about 0.70 yuan/jin.Cilantro rose the most in leaf vegetables, up 1.0 yuan/jin.The price of root and onion, ginger and garlic vegetables was relatively stable, with the price of green onion rising by 1.20 yuan/kg.There are many other things that have gone up in vegetable prices. We will not repeat them all.From the current trend, vegetable high price will continue for a period of time, why is this?The reason is the shortage of greenhouse supply chain, spring vegetables have not yet out;Then there is the Lantern Festival, consumers will visit the vegetable market, so vegetable prices have to see a small increase.According to market personnel, after the Lantern Festival, in the long term, vegetable prices will have a downward trend, but the detailed reasons have not been disclosed.After the Spring Festival, the price of eggs is really not satisfactory. I went to a village in Tianshui, Gansu province yesterday. It is learnt that the price of meat and eggs is below 4 pieces in the recent week.From 5.8 yuan to 3.48 yuan, a drop of 40 percent.Several owners say egg prices have fallen so far that they are losing their money.The author’s hometown yinchuan tongxin road market, egg prices have also declined slightly, but not obvious, from 5.8 yuan per catty a week ago to now 5.5 yuan per catty, down 0.3 yuan, it can be said that there is no much change.In addition to tianshui, other provinces have also fallen again.From the current wholesale market, such as Shandong price is only 3.8-3.9 yuan per catty, Henan vegetable price is only 3.78-3.85 yuan per catty.Today in the egg price drop, the biggest drop is Hebei Tao powder, its egg price fell 0.12 yuan, quoted at 3.64 yuan per catty.Egg prices are so low because, first, schools have not reopened, factories have not reopened, second, group meal consumption is too low, third, household consumption is weak.Food prices?From today’s grain trend, the national grain prices are mixed, but the northeast grain prices are more optimistic, grain prices have gone higher.Among them, Boda biochemical rose 0.5 points, quoted 1.245 yuan per catty, new and adult biology rose 0.7 points, quoted 1.245 yuan per catty, Suihua Haotian rose 0.17 points, quoted 1.215 yuan per catty.In addition to the northeast, other areas of grain prices remain horizontal fluctuations, little change.Northeast grain prices are high, one is the grain storage before the purchase of not much, the second is after farmers sell grain enthusiasm is not high.According to the analysis of market personnel, the grain price will be sufficient, and the market price will almost keep the horizontal fluctuation for a long time. Since the grain price is stable, the designated surface price will not change much.Today’s agricultural and sideline market analysis to share this for it, we have what view might as well message oh.

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