Spring Festival real estate hot search list TOP2: China railway yueshan lake

February 7th, according to leju real estate click data (statistical period: January 24 – February 6, 2022), located in Guanshan Lake area of China Railway Yueshan Lake ranked second in guiyang real estate hot search list last week!Zhongtie Yueshan Lake is located in the center of Guanshan Lake district, adjacent to Yuntan North Road in the east, Binyang Avenue in the west, Guanshan West Road in the south and Lincheng West Road in the north.The total area of the project is about 5000 mu, and the construction area is about 2.6 million square meters. The plot ratio is 2.2, and the greening rate is 45%. The enclosed community is separated by people and vehicles, and the parking space ratio is 1:1.3.The overall plan relies on the natural advantages of mountain, lake and original ecology to build an international, intelligent, original ecology and high-quality high-end low-density community integrating leisure and tourism.The development property types include high-rise buildings, villas, lakeside commercial groups, etc., respectively composed of Yuyuyuan, Yueshan, Yuefu and Yuelu.The project has convenient transportation, close to Yuntan North Road, South Road, Guanshan West Road, Subway Line 1 and 2 Guanshan West Road station, Yueshan Lake Park Station;There are yueshanhu Primary School, Guanshanhu No. 8 Middle School, Guiyang No. 3 Middle School, Bihai Branch of Guiyang Second People’s Hospital, Guanshanhu Geriatrics Ward of Guizhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other medical education centers around it.Yueshan Lake Wetland Park, Wanda Plaza (Guanshan Lake Store), Guizhou Provincial Geological Museum and other leisure and entertainment venues, there are mature residential communities such as Yuhong wanhua City, China Resources International Community and Vanke Ideal City nearby.At present in the sale of construction area of about 125 square meters -167 square meters, the average price of about 10500 yuan/square meters.The specific list is as follows: Article source: Le Ju buy a house

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