This housing enterprise Spring Festival hot sell 150 sets!It turns out that people in Guigang like houses like this…

In the blink of an eye, the Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, and most people have returned to work to achieve their New Year goals.Many properties in your port have also been presented during the Spring Festival “report card”, today we will talk about your port “core” sales of the crown property — Country Garden Trading · Central uptown.(Central Uptown to be liquidated) Looking back on the property market in Guigang, in December 2021, the transaction area of commercial housing was 125,000 square meters, with 1,042 sets.But in these achievements, let a person have to mention is that the central uptown bright performance, with 18441.7 square meters, 150 sets, 95.24 million results, won December guigang property market sales area, number of sets, sales three champion.In a contrarian environment, sales are the best proof of strength.(Data source: Guigang real estate trading platform) sold 36 sets in a day, really give force to sell burst!Sell burst!During the Spring Festival holiday, the sales performance of Country Garden Trading & Central Uptown was also bright.Sales department of people such as woven, on-site customers gathered, in full swing, good news, repeated climbing transaction peak!In the sales department, continuous sound booking good news broadcast, citizens booking enthusiasm.Sales office staff said that the highest one day sales in the central upper city of 36 sets!!Trading scene during the Spring Festival, 150 sets of hot sales!!One contract after another, witness country Garden investment · Central uptown sales momentum again, the enthusiasm is not reduced at all.The new owner of the hot selling Country Garden, Central Uptown, won a good start in this Spring Festival, the strength of your port “phenomenon” popular red plate.What is it about uptown Central that makes it so popular?The main reason is that under the current market conditions, most families encounter the dilemma of buying a house is: it is difficult to buy a house, more difficult to change a house!Under such pressure, people are more inclined to buy a house in one step, the pursuit of the house is cost-effective community.The reason why Country Garden Investment · Central Uptown can get the favor of the market and achieve such a proud result is inseparable from its big brand, big community, excellent location advantages and its own quality.It is jointly developed by Country Garden Group and guangxi Communications Group (its “Guangxi Real Estate Group”), a powerful state-owned enterprise.Have a good brand, good location, good products, quality assurance.· From January 2019, when the land was acquired, to May 1, 2019, the central Uptown market achieved four months of booming sales.In less than four years, all the buildings started construction, of which the first phase of building 2, 8, 9 to achieve 120 days in advance, 23 buildings have been successfully capped.· Central Uptown is located to the north of the Sports Center, close to the sports Center.There are abundant supporting facilities around the project. It is 50 meters away from evergrande Cinema, 100 meters away from Sports Center, 500 meters away from Culture and art Center, and 1 kilometer away from Wanda Plaza.Mature location, happy life don’t have to wait.· Central Uptown has the original large community configuration, with low density, super wide space between buildings, which is difficult for small plates. At the same time, Central Uptown hopes that the community supporting facilities can be closely related to customers’ lives.Community to create about 40,000 square meters of park green landscape, guigang is a relatively large scale of pure garden community.The community has the property of low density and super wide space between buildings.The large community supporting all have: over 2000 square meters of children’s dream growth paradise can let children run freely, over 2000 square meters of elderly activity area can let the elderly have sufficient space for activities and exchanges, over 2000 square meters of sports fitness area can let the male and female hosts exercise and fitness at any time.All the projects developed by Country Garden are equipped with the group’s own property, which makes the quality of property service more stable and guaranteed.So far, Country Garden property has served more than 370 cities in China and overseas, with a total contract management area of 1.21 billion square meters, providing professional, meticulous and reliable services to about 4.65 million owners and businesses.When gangbei with great potential encounters the works of great strength, superior location, excellent supporting facilities and high-quality products, it is not difficult to understand why the central Uptown project can break out of the elite real estate industry in Guigang, and obtain the proud results of the first round of sales!Country Garden Transaction · Central Uptown Liquidation countdown 28 official buildings wang grand promotion of the first 20 seats will be given 100,000 yuan worth of civil air defense parking space activities until February 13!Miss regret!>>>For more information, please click “Read the original article” at the end of the article to learn about the production of Your port Daily/Your port news network

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