Is Genpo youth Training really a success?Xu Genbao birthday big kua Vietnam team: more like my rob forced encircling

On New Year’s Day, China’s national football team suffered its first crushing defeat to Vietnam in more than 60 years, 3-1.On the second day of the year, Xu Genbao, known as the “godfather of Chinese football youth training”, also ushered in his 78th birthday — the former head coach of The National football Team, who was also dismissed because of failure, also talked about the battle between China and Vietnam, and unexpectedly praised the rival Vietnam team!Xu Genbao said: “Seeing the defeat against Vietnam, in fact, there is nothing strange, although the last round won, professionals should have a bottom of mind, China and Vietnam football level is almost the same, whoever wins is very normal, this is the fact.””In comparison, I quite feel that Vietnam team’s playing is more like our pursuit of ‘grabbing, forcing, receiving and turning’, but what can we say about our skills and tactics” Xu Genbao’s words, roughly have the following meanings: First, it is not strange that China lost to Vietnam, because the football level of China and Vietnam is almost the same.What does that actually tell us?This is the answer to the sentence “not to advance is to retreat”!This fully shows that the Vietnamese team, which had never beaten The Chinese football team for 60 years before, has made rapid progress, and our Chinese football is not just standing still, but it is clearly a big step backward!Second, Xu genbao believes that there was something lucky about li Tie’s team winning 3-2 against Vietnam until the last minute of stoppage time when Wu Lei, a genbao production, scored the winning goal.Xu Genbao this sentence “professional people should know the bottom of the heart”, but also that whether Li Tie, or Li Xiaopeng led the team, it is difficult to easily beat the Vietnamese team.Third, Xu Genbao not only thinks our level is not stronger than the Vietnamese team, but also greatly praises the Vietnamese team’s technical and tactical style, which is xu Genbao’s first proposed “snatch force surround” style, which seems to be a little “self face” meaning?We can take a look at the starting lineups of China’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam: goalkeeper Yan Junling, defenders Wang Shenchao, Zhu Chenjie, Zhang Linpeng, and avant-garde Wu Lei — all five are from Xu Genbao’s Chongming Island youth training base!That is to say, the national football team starting 11 people, almost half of the players are xu Genbao’s youth training results.If only from such a national football team starting ratio, may certainly say: Xu Genbao’s youth training, should be China’s youth training in recent years the most successful model?It can be said that in today’s National football team, Gen Bao’s disciple Bing has become the “mainstay”, which shows that his youth training should be the most successful in China!However, in addition to Xu Genbao, why other youth training success is so few?For example, in the starting lineup of China and Vietnam, in addition to the five people from Genbao base, like Alan, Luo Guofu, Jiang Guangtai are naturalized players, they are the fruits of foreign youth training;Dai Weijun, also a transfer from other football associations, also grew up in foreign youth training bases.That is to say, apart from xu Genbao’s five youth training achievements, and the naturalized and naturalized four, where are the youth training achievements from other football associations, teams at all levels and clubs?– Haven’t you only trained two players to start against Vietnam over the years?Obviously, “a single flower does not make a spring, a hundred flowers bloom and spring is full garden”. It seems that Genbao youth Training is the most successful in China, but it also reflects the failure of other youth training in China.However, although genbao youth training of the people accounted for nearly half of the national football team’s first start, but what about the results?China football team two worst Vietnam team, a 3-2, a 1-3, Xu Genbao also said: we and Vietnam team is six of one, and such a defeat to this has never lost the opponent, Xu Genbao zong has 5 disciples in which the first, but also so it?For example, now China’s best player Wu Lei, in fact, he has been in Espanyol for more than a year it is difficult to play, more than a year also only scored a goal;His performance in the national team also became worse and worse;And in the Sino-Vietnam war, like Xu Genbao’s disciple Wang Shanchao, is in the penalty area of the “eye defense”, watching Vietnam team scored a wonderful goal…This only shows that although Xu Genbao’s youth training is the most prominent and successful in China, it has not played a real role in the overall improvement of Chinese football.On the contrary, Xu Genbao cultivated this generation of players, is also visible to the naked eye “generation not as good as generation”.Some fans even commented that the essence of genbao youth training is more like business!He was able to spend huge sums buying and selling teams in Spain, much of his money from youth players – and the Chinese football Association president once said: football is for the public good!However, when the youth football training is too market-oriented and commercialized, some talented children who want to play football will be virtually shut out, right?Now, even Xu Genbao most proud of the “snatch force wai”, can not be reflected in his disciples, but he also praised the opponent Vietnam team got its “true biography”, this, can show that Xu Genbao’s youth training really successful?

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